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What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

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What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

A dynamic search ad is generated from a business’ website. The ad is then used to promote the website through the search engines by targeting a range of search terms and queries relevant to the website. Whenever a relevant search is performed by any user on Google, an ad is dynamically generated from your website, employing the content of the landing page and a headline based on the search query. This way, your inventory of ads to use on AdWords and other services increase and broadens your reach.

Dynamic Search Ads Google vs. Conventional AdWords Ads

The main difference between the typical ads you use on AdWords and dynamic search ads is the fact that they don’t use keywords to be found. Generally, the technique employed by search engines to display ads is based on the keywords which are being searched for. This means that your ads will only be discovered by users if they type the keywords you have included in the ads. The Google dynamic search ads reduce the need for you to use keywords.

Instead, they allow you to make the most of the content which has been posted on your website already. The search engines will match the search queries and terms against the content on your website and then generate the ads dynamically. This eliminates the need for you to define the keywords you want the search engine to target your ads for. You simply have to inform them when you add a new page or add content to your website.

Top Reasons to Use Dynamic Search Ads

There are many reasons why you might want to use dynamic search ads. First and foremost, they enable you to improve your click through rate (CTR) and get more conversions. Using the AdWords dynamic search ads is a convenient option as it helps reduce the effort you have to put in to make your campaign successful. You don’t have to go out of the way to use this option. In fact, the dynamic search ads AdWords you use will complement the campaigns you are already running.

This means you get the dual advantage of being able to target your audience through keyword-based ads as well as dynamically generated ones. Thus, you can broaden your reach and attract a wider range of visitors to your website. The more visitors you have, the greater are your chances of success. In the testing phase itself, dynamic search ads delivered the results marketers are looking for. The clicks and conversions both increased by around 10% in a short span of time.

Perhaps the most important reason for you to use Google dynamic search ads is to boost the results of your AdWords campaign. You might have the best possible campaign up and running, using the best keywords and getting the results you are looking for. Yet, there is the chance that you might have missed out on a relevant search. Often focusing on keywords diverts your attention away from the content on your website. In some cases, marketers don’t keep track of the content at all.

Missing out on relevant searches is not an uncommon occurrence. Over 15% of the searches conducted on Google each day are new ones. If Google hasn’t seen the search queries and terms, there is little chance you would have anticipated them. Using the tools available, you can make use of dynamic search ads to stay on top of the emerging relevant searches. This is something your competitors might not have realized up till now so you have the chance to gain a definite edge on them.

You can be in complete control of your ad campaign. You can choose the specific pages of your website you want the ads to be generated for. At the same time, you have the option to have the entire website targeted by the search engines. This also provides you the luxury of being able to remove any pages which have outdated content or no longer exist from your campaign so that no users are misdirected by the search engines.

Should You Be Using Dynamic Search Ads?

The million-dollar question is whether you should be using Google dynamic search ads or not. As you can see above, there are many reasons for you to use them. The results of your campaigns will improve leading to a higher return on investment (ROI). Plus the traffic to your website will increase and so will the number of clicks and conversions. So, there seems to be no reason why you shouldn’t go for the ads that, for a change, don’t use keywords.

Still, there are some things you should consider before making your decision:

  • Do you offer products and services through your website?
  • Is your product offering seasonal?
  • Will you change the listings from time to time?

If you can answer any of the questions listed here in the affirmative, you would benefit tremendously from using AdWords dynamic search ads.

How SEMrush Can Help You

You might need a little help getting started off with using dynamic search ads. Hence, making use of the right tools is prudent. In this regard, SEMrush can provide the assistance you require for optimizing your website to enable the search engines to dynamically generate ads based on the content. Even though keywords aren’t being used to find the ads, the content on your website has to be keyword-rich for the crawlers to pick it up and produce the ads.

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