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What Are Google Ads?

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What Are Google Ads?

When you type in a search query in Google, you see a number of advertisements appear in the search results. These advertisements are known commonly as Google ads. With Google advertising becoming an integral part of any business’ online marketing campaign, learning about Google ads is essential for all marketers. The Google ads are placed on the search engine using their AdWords feature. It helps the businesses attract more customers and enhance their brand.

Though the ads that appear in the search engine results are well-known, you can also place your ads on different websites across the internet through AdSense. Hence, the Google adds cover pretty much the entire scope of online advertising for marketers, making their job much easier. This is the reason why Google has been able to dominate the search market for the past several years with none of its rivals even coming close to the level of success it has achieved.

You can create a Google ad using AdWords. The search engine provides you all the tools you need for making killer ads that would appeal to your target demographic, thus making it easier for you to engage in online marketing. This is more pertinent for marketers running PPC campaigns. Even though AdCenter and Yahoo! Advertising are available you, AdWords is far and away the best platform for running a PPC campaign.

Types of Google Ads

Contrary to popular belief, there are various types of ads on Google. Generally, people believe that ads can only be text or image based. While this is true, these are only two of four types of ads you can use on Google.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are simply another name for image ads. They are used in the same way as a banner is used in the physical world. It appears as a large ad online which users can click on to be directed to your landing page.

Display Ads

There is a Google Display Network marketers can use for having their Google ads displayed on various websites around the internet. The ads shown on the Display Network websites are known simply as display ads. They can be in any form, i.e. text, video, image or any other medium of your preference.

Image Ads

The title itself is quite self-explanatory. The image ads are also published on the Display Network but are restricted to the use of images for Google advertising. You can use animation for creating image ads or use platforms like Adobe Flash to make interactive image ads.

Local Ads

With Google, marketers can target a global audience. Yet, there are some features through which you can gear your Google advertisements for a local audience. This enables you to gain an edge over the local competition.

The Importance of Quality Score

The range of services and tools provided by Google makes you feel as though simply creating the ads is enough to get the results you are looking for. This is not the case. You have to make sure the Google ads you are making are of the best quality possible so they are assigned a higher Quality Score. Most importantly, the Quality Score alone can reduce the cost per click for your campaign. Hence, you would have to pay less to get your campaign on track using Google advertising, increasing your profits and ROI.

Moreover, the ads which have a high Quality Score are displayed more prominently and frequently across the Google Display Network. Therefore, it is great for your brand exposure if your ads have a high Quality Score. Though there are several factors which influence the Quality Score, making ads using the right keywords and geared towards your target audience is the key.

How Advertising Google Works

When it comes to Google advertising search, choosing the right keywords to use in your ads is a must. This is the basic purpose of AdWords and it will help you find the best keywords which you can include in your campaign. To enhance the results of your PPC campaign, it makes sense if you incorporate the keywords you have found through AdWords on your website or landing page as well. You can use an effective keyword research tool for this purpose.

This is where SEMrush can come in incredibly handy for you. Not only will it help you discover the most relevant and important keywords for your campaign but also provide you the platform to organize them in an effective way. This way your job becomes much easier and you can focus on making the most of ads by Google. Coming back to the point, having the right keywords in place ensures that you create effective ads that would enable you to attract the audience you are looking for.

However, you cannot just choose a keyword and start using it on Google. You have to bid for it and buy it in the Google auction which is held from time to time. Without the right keywords, your campaign cannot be optimized so don’t fret too much over the money you have to pay for them. Consider the amount you spend as an investment which you would recover many times over.

This is a primer on Google ads and how Google advertising works. There is absolutely no doubt that Google is the best platform for online marketing and you cannot run a successful campaign without using Google ads. Learn how to make the most of the tools provided by Google for advertising and you will see the results for yourself.

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