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What I Hate About SEO #semrushchat

Elena Terenteva
What I Hate About SEO #semrushchat

Hi, dear SEMrush Blog readers!

How was your April’s Fool day? Ours was just great! I hope that all of our participants are in a good mood after our last SEMrush Chat – “What I Hate About SEO.”

Yes, SEOs discussed what they hate about their daily jobs. Don’t worry – the chat didn’t turn into a depressing psychotherapy session. It was a pretty decent conversation full of constructive criticism and even irony.

So if something is bothering you about your daily job, take a look on our recap and find a way to turn irritating issues into joyful ones!

Boring SEO tasks

Ok, let’s get it straight – there is nothing wrong with being bothered by your work from time to time. Even if you’ve found yourdream job, there is always room for some slightly irritating issues. Take a look! And, if it is within your power, fix it, for the sake of your SEO’s comfort.

One important conclusion we’ve come to – SEOs love their jobs! There are only a few issues that drive them mad.

Keyword research is a fundamental SEO issue; it’s a very time consuming task that requires pinpoint accuracy while working with huge amounts of data. Well, there is no escaping it – the job has to be done. At least you can make your SEO’s life easier by providing them with some helpful tools – if you know what I mean.

Seems like every time consuming task is irritating.

Still, there is nothing you can really do about this. It’s irritating, but important. Problems start when SEOs leave the table. The main problem SEOs face is ignorance, because a lot of people still think about SEO as a set of magic tricks.

It’s a subject of SEO in general and of certain SEO processes in particular.

Speaking of the wrong idea about SEO – it’s still considered a freestanding marketing activity. But the truth is…well, let me quote Lee Oden: “SEO is the mayonnaise. It touches nearly everything and enhances the overall flavor of the sandwich; but on it’s own, it’s not very appetizing” - contentmarketinginstitute.com.

Yes, this misunderstanding can cause a lot of trouble.

Irritating analytics and tools

Here's a simple checklist for tools to avoid. Be sure you exclude all these factors during design, creation and presentation.

annoying tools

Things that SEOs should stop doing

In a first question, we talked about clients’ and team members’ irritating behaviors, but SEOs are not without disadvantages themselves. Well, here’s a unique opportunity to hear what SEOs think about other SEOs!

One word – overpromising. Ones who have a slight idea of what SEO is can be easily deceived, which is irritating for both client and SEOs who are doing their job honestly, because they are the ones who have to deal with disappointed clients.

And of course for real specialists, it’s always very painful to see tricksters' and amateurs’ shortcomings and mistakes.

This is a very common mistake when it comes to content creation – forgetting that your readers are both people and “search engines.”

“Very clear: Stop to base their work on keywords and start doing it on trust” - Sergio Redondo ‏@sergio_redondo.

The same with content. “Create a lot of content for robots while the site structure doesn't even allow me to find what I'm looking for” - Martin Kůra ‏@HermanTinkura.

Yes, content is a really painful topic.

But here is another extreme.

The idea that “conversions are someone else's job” (James Svoboda ‏@Realicity) comes from a larger problem that we discussed. Remember Lee Oden’s mayo metaphor? You can’t separate SEO from other marketing activities and issues.

Wrapping it all up, we can say that every problem stems from ignorance, delusions and unrealistic expectations. Well, dear marketers, it’s within our power to change this situation!

Reasons of SEO nervous breakdown

What can be better than a clear stats? This one proves us, that for SEOs nothing can be more annoying, than people: mostly predecessors and clients and their mistakes.

Reasons of SEO Nervous BreakdownSpecial thanks to following participants:

@AdamDince @AgentPalmer @altos @betweenstations @Beymour @Brad_Machine @BryceLiggins @callis1987 @crystalware @DavidAmerland @davidiwanow @DevDawg @devonaburke @directom @ECWseo @ElectroPunkys @geniusloci @GuideTwit @hellemans @HermanTinkura @jbergess @jbobbink @JRiddall @larryprevost @LCaldwell @LJordanOnline @MatthewAYoung @MilwaukeePPC @n8ngrimm @NChimonas @newmediamike @portentint @Realicity @revaminkoff @SEMStarr @SEOcial @sergio_redondo @TaraMClapper @ThemusingsofTC @ThinkSEM @tonyxrandall @webbeeseospider @WLau89

Google Update we want to get rid of!It seems like “Google algorithm update” sounds spooky to every SEO. How many articles have you read about different types of apocalypses, new eras, deaths of things you thought you could never live without and dramatic falls?

I know. A lot! So, dear Google, if you read this, please make everything as it was before!

And how about starting with “not provided!”

In 2011, in an attempt to protect users’ privacy, Google removed keywords referral data, which made SEOs lives much harder.

Most reported SEO concerns are in one way or another connected to the removal of certain features.

… or the appearance of something new.

Or something that makes their lives harder.

Seems like we all want everything to be like the “good old days.”But the bottom line is we have to fight against SEO cheaters, though they may be irritating. However, algorithms can actually empower us.

OK, Google, leave everything as it is. Just one more thing...

Now we come to the fun part - favorite SEO jokes!

Ok, hope you had some fun with us!

See you this Wednesday at 4 pm BST!

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