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What Keyword Tracker Can Do for Your Website?

SEMrush Blog
What Keyword Tracker Can Do for Your Website?

The job of an SEO is very complex and involves many different adapters. One of which is optimizing content by using the right keywords that will divert online traffic towards a website. Even though keywords are very important in the job of an SEO, many people do not know how to strike the right balance in order to get the best results.

Keywords Tracker:

A Keyword tracking tool is designed to check the positions of keywords and search terms with the search engine. It facilitates a SEO by monitoring a keyword’s performance in a website address and/or webpage. This in turn provides an opportunity for a webmaster to enhance their in search engines.

Why is a Keyword Tracking Tool so Important:

All search engine optimizers would probably agree that one of the most important things you can do for your website is to target the right keywords. The importance of targeting the right keywords does more than just divert traffic to your page; it also converts that traffic into sales, whereas the wrong keywords would divert traffic away from your website, either of which can be disastrous for an online business.

Tools like Wordtracker and Google Adwords keywords tracking tool are good options to get an upper hand on your competitors because most people don’t do enough research before applying the keywords in their web content.

Keyword Ranking Tools:

Back in the day, it was up to the search engine marketers, or the client, to choose the right keywords for their site. We also had GoTo’s search term suggestion tool, which was one of our only sources for keyword help at the time. Then something happened along the way. People started getting lazier and then online tools like Wordtracker and Google’s Adwords tool along with countless other free keyword tracker tools entered the picture.

With Google Adwords or Wordtracker, you can plug in some keywords, and the Web-based service will give you ideas for additional keywords that might work for your business. Not only that, but these free keyword tracker services also tell you how competitive those keywords are (how many other Web pages have been optimized with those keywords in mind) and how many people have actually searched for those keywords in the past twenty-four hours at each of the major engines.

Difference Between Page Rank and Google Keyword Rank:

What is the difference between a page rank and a Google keyword rank? This is a question that I always come across when working with some people. Another frequently asked question is: how to get up the ranks in the Google Keyword rank tracker? So, let’s try to explain what it’s all about.

Google Keyword Rank:

Well, your website is on Google because of a particular keyword, and the success of making it to the top of the ranking page generally depends on the keyword selection and overall website SEO. When appointing a SEO or online marketer, it is the keyword rank that one asks for their website’s optimization.

Google Page Rank:

Google’s Page rank is nothing but the measure of quality of backlinks that a particular website has. If your website has backlinks from High PR pages, it will automatically get link juice from them. This in turn will also have a positive impact on your online PR which will automatically go up. Having backlinks to high PR pages may not actually be getting your website a lot of traffic from Search Engines, but it will enable you to further enhance those keywords by considering certain essential factors.

How many keywords do you have to keep track of, if its anywhere close to a ton then you should probably try one of the keyword tracking tools available online.

Benefits of a Keyword Tracking Tool:

  • Many of the keyword tracking tools available online give you the exact match volume of searches from Google Keyword tracker Tool and allow you to sort out the important keywords by those search results.
  • Some of them also allow you to schedule emails every day to show changes in ranking.
  • You can add in notes of whenever you make changes. This allows you to compare before and after rankings to further improve the quality of your keywords.
  • Most keyword tracking tools available online but even if you have to pay for some of them, they are totally worth it. The keyword search tool will allow you to track unlimited domains which you might want to do for at least your main money keywords.


Well, this is it. We touched on only a few topics as the field of SEO is so vast! (keyword rank tracking). Hopefully, this might prove to be useful to someone.

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