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Why Keyword Competition Is So Important?

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Why Keyword Competition Is So Important?

Page ranking is determined by the popularity of keywords, which in turn depends upon its usage and availability on the internet. Due to the optimization of search engines, keywords now play an eminent role in marketing strategies.

Keyword competition determines your website’s success. For example, if you are running an online business and your web content incorporates keywords, these keywords will enable your website to pop up in the first few pages through optimized search engines. The page ranking will depend on the quality and use of keywords. It is human psychology to opt for things that are easily available; therefore, if your website is among the first few ones the customer will definitely go through your website, consequently, expanding your market and blossoming your business.

Keyword competition tools help you achieve success in this task. These tools work by providing the user with a detailed Keyword competition analysis report that compares your keyword performance to others. This is done by conducting a Google keyword difficulty check. This allows you to observe not only your page ranking but also that of your competitors’.

One important factor that should be considered in keyword competition is your target audience. Maybe the choice of your keywords is not as appealing to your target age group; for that reason you need to be selective and considerate of your target audience.

Research is very important in this regard. In addition to learning about appropriated keywords, you also need to learn about their proper use in the sentence. Keyword phrases out of place will only drive the customers away. The overall execution needs to be perfect in order to build a strong clientele.

Keyword Competition Tools

There are several keyword competition tools available online that can help you analyze your page ranking, commonly used competitor keywords and your keyword deployment quality.

Here is a list of some commonly used keyword competition tools.

SEOmoz Term Extractor

Through its free features you can inspect a list of keywords used by your competitors, giving you the option of extracting one, two and three word phrases. If you pay for their services, you would be free to use SEO tools as well. It will help you generate and manage relative keywords.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is one of the most widely used keyword generator software, but few people are aware of its analyzing capabilities. The ‘Domain’ feature present in this software triggers the keyword competition tool that brings forward the competitor’s website and their keyword deployment.

This tool will help you identify your competition and let you know about your success chances in case you are planning to use those keywords.


This free tool provides you a graphical analysis of the keywords used by competitors, their present and past success and failure rate, and tells you what keywords are gaining popularity among the masses.

Open Site Explorer

This tool helps you spy on the selection of your competitor’s keywords, whether they are used in links, headings or the general content. Its free feature provides you with 20 keywords; however, in the paid version you can view more keywords. This will let you know what is the target audience your competitors and how strong is their link development campaign.

There is no denying the fact that the success of your business is dependent upon the quality and availability of your promotional material; therefore, having easily accessible keywords ensures that your representative website will not be neglected.

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