Why Should My Business Advertise on Instagram?

Cherry Kwan

Dec 21, 20152 min read
Why Should My Business Advertise on Instagram?

If you’re active on social media, you’re probably already advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe even Instagram.

In my previous blog about Instagram for businesses, I mentioned about Sponsored posts and how they were only available for large companies. Finally, this has changed! Three months ago, Instagram officially opened the ability to advertise on their platform to all businesses. Now, businesses of all different sizes can advertise on Instagram with your own custom budget.

However, just because it’s available, does it mean you should advertise on it? Of course! There are lots of great benefits and advantages to advertising on Instagram.

We love Visuals

According to Zabisco, our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, 90% of the information transmitted to our brain are visual. As visual learners, we remember and digest visual information much faster and easier than text.

As a business owner or marketer, we want to capture our audiences’ attention right away. That’s why I personally prefer Instagram ads over Facebook ones. This is because drawn immediately to the visuals first on Instagram.


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Facebook advertisements, on the other hand, have the text above their visual advertisement. Often times, the message may have lost my interest or isn’t able to capture my interest. This can ultimately affect the way I interact with the advertisement as a whole.


Screenshot of Facebook Newsfeed: Nov 27, 2015

Easy to Create in Facebook Power Editor

If you’re already running Facebook ads for your business page, then Power Editor and Ad Creation aren’t strange to you.

In order to create Instagram ads, you’ll need an Instagram account (of course!) and a Facebook page for your business. However, you won’t need a Business Manager account.

Creating Instagram ads is very similar to creating ads for Facebook. However, there only specific campaign objectives that support Instagram advertising. You can aim for page post engagement, brand awareness, clicks to website, website conversions, mobile app installs, mobile app engagement, and video views.

Use Existing Visuals

This is one of my most favorite features of Instagram advertising; its ability to use previous Facebook ad photos or videos as the Instagram advertisement. Although Instagram is restricted to square images, the new Facebook Carousel Ads make a great fitting for the Instagram dimensions.

If you’re already Facebook Carousel Ads for your business page, you can use the exact same ones for Instagram. This way, you wouldn’t need to create additional visuals to optimize in Instagram.

Low Cost per Click

When Instagram advertisements first became available, I immediately tested out the results with my company TechWyse Internet Marketing’s Instagram account. Surprisingly, I had great results from the advertisements. I ran two different Instagram against each other for a short period of time, but they both yielded a CPC under $0.50.

Then, I decided to try out Carousel ads in Instagram. The carousel ad had a higher CPC, but it still managed to be under $1.00. Although the results weren’t as great in the carousel ad, it was able to reach a wider amount of audience in Instagram.


In comparison to Facebook advertisements, Instagram advertising is definitely just as affordable. The ability to create them in Facebook Power Editor makes it easier for you to manage two separate social platforms in one. Being able to expand your paid advertising reach to Instagram is a great way to capture a larger audience.

Are you using Instagram advertising for your business? If so, share with me your results and experience.

Cherry Kwan is the Community Manager at TechWyse Internet Marketing. She has a passion for social media, content and digital marketing. She spends most of her time on the inter-webs, so feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

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Cherry KwanCherry is an experienced digital marketing strategist helping brands go global. She loves the challenges that the ever-changing digital world brings.
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