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Why the Global WordPress Community Makes All the Difference

Elias Jabbe
Why the Global WordPress Community Makes All the Difference

As I sat in a packed room while hearing advice from one of my favorite business coaches last week in Dubai, it hit me:

Being a part of a community and asking for help is something that is essential for success.

This was just one of several important reminders heard in Dr. Goldsmith's inspirational talk.

A big reason I have enjoyed using WordPress as an entrepreneur, news editor and guest writer is the sense of being part of large community, one that is glad to help whenever you need some advice.

When you consider that 23% of the world's webpages are hosted on WordPress, you realize that there are so many members of this community around the globe that are willing to help you accomplish what you are aiming for. That's what you call strength in numbers.

Read Up on the WordPress Community

Lisa Sabin Wilson’s excellent guidebook WordPress For Dummies was my first thorough introduction to WordPress. In particular, I benefited from the third edition of the book which was published in 2011 and came bundled with Professional Blogging for Dummies (a resourceful book by Susan Getgood that helped me improve my blogging).

After years spent as a reader of WordPress blogs, learning about what goes on behind the scenes on the platform by reading the aforementioned book helped me gain the confidence to launch a news website back in 2011 (Multicultural Matters).

The good news is WordPress For Dummies has been constantly improved over the years and its seventh edition was recently published.

In addition to this book, I have to mention that WordPress’ official forums has a community that is one of the most helpful that I have encountered.

The WordPress team describes the forum as “your starting point for finding and sharing solutions with WordPress.com users around the world.”

The key words here are “around the world.” What is amazing is there are so many generous people worldwide who are contributing their unique talents, such as translating information about WordPress plugins to their native languages for free to help the larger community.

Participate in the WordPress Community

Sometimes you need to ask your questions in different places to find the answer you’re looking for.

Another benefit of being part of the WordPress family is you can find members of it at live events or even on social networks like Twitter.

When I was launching my website in 2011 and wanted to figure out how to design one part of it, WordPress users heard my questions and helped me get the word out about the challenge I was facing.

WordPress Resources in Los Angeles, CA

But above all, I credit the community back home in Los Angeles for really helping me move in the direction I wanted to go in. I’m referring to the LA Web Professionals Group Thanks to members and speakers like DigitalFamily.com co-founders/Dynamic Design Duo Janine Warner and David LaFontaine as well as long-time designer and teacher Anissa Thompson. They are individuals who are at the heart of the LAWPG community and helped me go from a journalist to someone who could publish using WordPress and other tools. If you are in Southern California, you can learn from one of their future talks just as plenty of members of the WordPress community have in the past.

As WordPress has jumped from 20% of the web to 23% in just two years (see my tweet below that I posted during a LAWPG event), we can only expect more growth in the future.

For now, enjoy all there is to learn from on the SEMrush Blog during WordPress Week!

(And remember that if you want to find out if a blog is running on WordPress, all you have to do is right-click an image within a blog post and open the URL to see if it contains wp-content. You can also right-click and select “View page source” then look for wp-content with Ctrl+F.)

Elias Jabbe

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Elías Kamal Jabbe is a Dubai-based marketer from Los Angeles who writes about topics like MENA and global innovation in marketing and spoke about these topics in presentations in Tunis in February 2015 and Dubai in May 2015.
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