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Why Top Marketers Turn to Quizzes for More Than Fluff

Owen Fuller
Why Top Marketers Turn to Quizzes for More Than Fluff

We’re confronted with an immeasurable amount of information on a daily basis. In response, our brain has gotten really good at rapid compartmentalization to cope with a constant content overload. At any given moment, its job is to place everything we see into one of two buckets: absorb or ignore.

As marketers, this is our biggest struggle — to produce meaningful content that people can’t afford to ignore.

While I ran Fit Marketing, we were always looking for engaging ways to get our name out there. At the request of some friends who had recently built a quiz tool, we dipped our toes in the quiz waters by posting Which Marketing Superhero Are You? on the KISSmetrics blog. Now, it wasn’t the most successful quiz in history, but we noticed that of the thousands of people who took the quiz during the first week, 68% of them shared their results in social media.

We couldn’t help but try again, but this time we launched a quiz with a call to action inviting people to download our free e-book, "5 Steps to Inbound Marketing Bliss." Once that quiz had generated hundreds of leads for our little agency, I knew that we were onto something that could produce powerful results for others.

That’s how I got into the quiz game, and these days I’m the Chief Qwizard at Qzzr — working side by side with those friends who first preached the quiz gospel to me. And I’m still regularly floored by the insane results that quizzes are pulling in.

Why might this be? What is it about quizzes that touch people’s minds and hearts in a way that they can’t ignore?

I think a lot of it boils down to the fact that people love learning more interesting and useful things about themselves.

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A quiz, as opposed to its more familiar cousin, the survey, is a two-way street. People taking quizzes know that while they are sharing information about themselves, they are getting something out of the exchange too — an outcome or score that they care about.

This means two things for marketers: engagement and exposure. And if you’re into SEO, quizzes have a lot to offer you too.


Here are three ways that quizzes can give your organic traffic a boost:

Quizzes SEO

  1. More time on site – Quizzes have an 81% completion rate, with an average time spent on quizzes being 2:27. That’s a lot of people committed to consuming your content, and search engines like seeing that.
  1. Click-through rate – When people see quizzes on a search results page, they can hardly resist clicking. This is an important signal to Google and other search engines, who see that your content is resonating with people searching for related keywords and phrases. Here’s proof that quizzes are clickworthy: a recent study by Buzzsumo found that 82% of people that see a quiz on a Facebook newsfeed will click on it. Whether in social media or on a SERP, people can’t help but click.
  1. Link building – If you’re a smart content marketer, you’re likely spending about three times as much time promoting your content as you are creating it. The same holds true for quizzes — and they can be a powerful way to get your content organically placed on the right sites.

Lead Generation

While quizzes can help you get more organic traffic, they also help you convert that traffic into business value.

Sideshow Collectibles, for example, used a quiz to launch a new line of products. They paired the quiz with a giveaway, and have gathered over 22,000 leads — a 60% conversion rate.

Better yet, those leads came with loads of data. Sideshow asked creative questions that were both engaging, and that helped them get to know their prospects. They gathered insights about their prospects that included their interests, favorite color and even personality traits.

All of that information proved useful when Sideshow continued the conversation with their prospects through marketing automation and product recommendations. So far those leads have generated over $75,000 in sales.

Decision Engine

Some e-commerce companies have taken up quizzes as a way for customers to make tough decisions. By getting personalized answers to a few fun key questions, they’re able to offer a product recommendation.

The gold standard for this is a quiz created by Internet Marketing Inc. for Zenni Optical. In the six months since it was published, it has been taken over 470,000 times, and has generated nearly half a million dollars in revenue.

Here’s the interesting thing — they stopped most active promotion of these quiz a few months ago, and the revenue has nearly doubled since. It doesn’t hurt that this quiz is now showing up prominently in organic searches for things like “glasses quiz.”

This a perfect testament to the value of building meaningful, interactive content on a foundation of sound SEO principles.


If you’d like to learn more about this particular success story came together, we’re hosting a webinar with Internet Marketing Inc. to break down what they did to achieve such phenomenal results.

Despite often being associated with Disney Princesses and pop culture, quizzes deliver remarkable business value. How could quizzes help your business? Let us know in the comments — we’d love to hear what you think.

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Owen Fuller is Qzzr’s Chief Qwizard. He’s a Czech-speaking Alaskan that loves nothing more than hearing and creating great stories. Follow him on Twitter.
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