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Why You Need to Add Quora to Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Why You Need to Add Quora to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Lilach Bullock
Why You Need to Add Quora to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Quora is a great platform for marketers, for a multitude of reasons, including for getting more traffic to your content, for improving your content marketing strategy, for boosting your authority, and more.

In this blog post, I want to show you why and how you need to add Quora to your content marketing strategy.

Why Quora?


There is a multitude of ways that you can use Quora to improve your content marketing success, and there are even more benefits:

  • Get more traffic: First off, it is a great platform for driving traffic to your blog, or any other pieces of content you have posted online.
  • More high quality traffic: One of the things I have discovered with Quora is that, while it is not as big a traffic-driver as Facebook and Twitter (at the moment!), it does tend to drive more quality traffic – meaning, traffic that takes action, and spends more than a few seconds on my website. Quora, in my case, has one of the lowest bounce rates, as well as one of the highest conversion rates of all my traffic sources
  • Boost your authority: Quora is a great platform for sharing and demonstrating your knowledge. It can be instrumental in boosting your authority in your niche and help you get social influencer status.
  • Learn more about your audience: One of the reasons Quora has survived for longer than other similar platforms, and is still so successful is, it that it is used by real people looking for real answers. This can help you learn a lot about your audience – what they need help with, how they search for answers online, what questions they have, and so on.

Here are some of the ways that you can use Quora as part of your content marketing strategy:

Write Better-Targeted Content

As I mentioned before, Quora is a great place to learn more about your target audience, and what questions they have.

Additionally, it is a great platform for content research. All you have to do is use the search bar to enter your keywords and find relevant questions, as well as topics that you can follow for a consistent stream of new questions:


It will help you understand more about your target audience, what types of questions they have, and what content would provide them with value. 

Quora can also be used for keyword research – or rather, to help you understand even better how people search for things online. The more you use Quora, the more you will notice how people use the platform in a very natural way, both with questions and with answers: the terms they use, the way they formulate questions and answers, and so on.


Use Quora to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog

If you have a blog, it is worth using Quora to help promote your blog and drive traffic to it. How? The short answer: find relevant questions and answer them.  

The long answer:

  • Find relevant questions using the search bar, as well as the topics you follow.
  • Check to see whether a question is worth responding to. Scroll down to see the question stats, and check to see if there are too many answers already (which means yours will likely get lost). Check to see if it hasn’t been answered in a long time and whether it has enough views or followers. Ideally, if you are going to answer older questions, only pick those that have lots of people following the question. However, if you do find a very recent question, jump on it, even though it doesn’t have any followers yet. This way, you will be among the first to answer, and if your answer is good enough, you will get the upvotes needed for your answer to appear first in the questions’ feed. This one, for example, is a great question to answer – it has just been asked, and it has no answers: 


  • Answer the question! When you are answering a question on Quora, the most important thing that you need to remember is that you need to actually answer the question – no fluff, no beating around the bush. Be honest and try to answer the question to the best of your ability; after all, that is the whole purpose of Quora. And, the reason it is still popular today is that people actually make the effort to give their best, most informed answers, no matter what the subject is. If you can include some screenshots to illustrate your point, all the better.
  • Your answers’ tone: Quora is pretty informal, so when you answer the question, don’t write it as you would a blog post, for example. Address the person who asked the question, and write the answer in a natural, friendly way.
  • Structuring your answers: Make your answers as easy to read as possible. Use headlines, use bullet-points, break up your answer with relevant imagery, and so on – you want people to be able to read your answer quickly and comfortably, or to skim it if that is their intention
  • Place your link: In order to drive traffic, you will need to add the link you want to promote to your answer. The best way to go is to be as transparent as possible – simply mention that by reading this article, viewing this video, etc., they can get more answers, or a better-detailed answer and then link to your post. So long as the links you provide offer some extra value, it is ok to add a link – however, make sure to use different links and not be too aggressive, or you might get your account suspended.

Follow this advice and create a Quora schedule to stick to: whether 1 answer a day, 3 a week or 3 a day, every answer counts.

Drive Traffic with Quora Ads

Another way to drive traffic with Quora is to use their advertising program. It is a great alternative, particularly if you find yourself disillusioned with other social media ads.

In a recent test conducted by the Social Media Lab, they wanted to see whether they would get more conversions when they linked the Quora ad to a blog post, versus a landing page.

The results showed that linking to a landing page can get you more lead conversions (a 6.87% conversion rate, to be specific). However, the ads linking to blog posts got more impressive results (double) with clicks and traffic – over 109k impressions and 68% of all clicks (959), as well as a 1.98% conversion rate (19 free trials were procured).


Quora is currently an underutilized content marketing tool; although plenty of people are using it to drive traffic and boost awareness of their name, there are more ways in which Quora can be of massive help: for keyword research, for getting targeted content ideas, and for driving more conversions.

Are you using Quora as part of your content marketing strategy? And if so, how?

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Highly regarded on the world speaker circuit, Lilach has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street. She’s a hugely connected and highly influential entrepreneur. Listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers and was crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle. She is listed as the number one Influencer in the UK by Career Experts and is a recipient for a Global Women Champions Award for her outstanding contribution and leadership in business.
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Undoubtedly, Quora helps in boosting the authority. It may not drive a lot of traffic to a website but it helps to drive the targeted traffic which is very uncommon. As people in Quora are actually seeking answers to their problems.

The same way, the platform can be used smartly by marketers and bloggers.

Thanks for write up, Lilach!
Anton Shulke
Quora is the opposite of Twitter: low acceleration and longevity. Maybe instead of driving traffic from Quora to your blog, one should use "train of questions" in Quora, diverting it to your own Q&A.
Quora is definitely a hidden goldmine to get content ideas and traffic. However, the conversion can be lower than other platforms, but the targeted traffic you receive is spot on!

Thanks for sharing it.
Navin Rao
Quora is beast when it comes to driving traffic..

A perfect strategy for content Marketing, though content should be shared with the intention of helping people with the answers, not promotional.
Thanks for the share Lilach!

Quora is the best platform for generate traffic, if you use properly. Have you noticed you can give the answers by clicking "Answer Wiki"?

This features allows you add your answers that remains top position which helps drive more traffic to website.
Lesley Vos
Hm, I haven't thought of Quora Ads before... Thanks for this hint, Lilach!
Lilach Bullock
Lesley Vos
My pleasure, Lesley, hope you get great results with Quora Ads :)
Charlie Chatz
We tried Quora Ads but their structure is so much different than other platforms and their ad policies are just silly. So we took our moneys elsewhere :)
Lilach Bullock
Charlie Chatz
Thanks for your comment, Charlie :) Personally, I found that Quora ads can be very effective at generating leads and conversions, but I agree that they need to improve the service - hopefully they'll make some more additions and changes soon.
Ajay Rai
Its a really important and time worthy blog.
Will now add quora for my marketing.
Lilach Bullock
Ajay Rai
Hi Ajay, thanks for your comment, glad you liked the post :) And good luck with your Quora strategy!
I work on a team that experimented with Quora marketing for a few months. We wrote 150 answers to questions that directly relate to our product. Some of these questions won knowledge prizes, and were republished by major news sites. The return for us was a very small amount of traffic, almost all of which came from India, which is not our target market. In the end we got a few thousand visits, and conversions that I can count on one hand. We don't do any Quora marketing now because the ROI is so low. I'm curious if anyone has any evidence of successfully pulling in converting customers with Quora? Right now it just seems like a way to pump up vanity metrics.
Lilach Bullock
Jack Straw
Hi Jack, many thanks for your comment :) I've been using Quora quite a bit in the past few years, and have seen results from it very quickly; although it doesn't generate the most traffic out of all my sources, it does generate the best quality traffic, with some of the highest conversion rates (i.e. signing up for my email newsletter). Have you tried Quora ads to see how they perform?
Moss Clement
Jack Straw
Hi Jack,
It's a nice thing that you brought out your concern about Quora. I used to have this same problem of not being able to drive traffic from Quora, or increase my list etc.

However, you need to understand that it's a gradual process that requires persistence and commitment. I spoke to a blogger friend about not getting anything from Quora in terms of traffic and the likes.

Guess what she said to me. She said "Moss, I did Quora fora couple months and nothing came out of it. Then about 6 months of my journey on quora, the traffic started coming and ever since, it hasn't slowed down."

My point here is that you never give up. And as Lilach Bullock suggested, you can as well try investing in Quora ads.

Best of luck.
Charlie Chatz
Jack Straw
Tried it for 3 months and we only received around 10 clicks. Also, their ad policies are just ridiculous. Took me 1 week to set everything up because they kept disapproving my ads.
Lilach Bullock
Charlie Chatz
Quora does take time to build up and it's very unlikely you're going to get results soon after starting. Just like with most content strategies (including blogging, social media marketing, etc.), it takes time to reach a place where you get results consistently, but as Moss said, once it does start working, it keeps working.
Your results will also depend on what questions you answer and how you answer them - I do wish Quora would offer better analytics, but you can at least see how many views each answer has, which helps you understand why some answers are more successful than others so that you can then adjust your strategy.
It's kind of like social media marketing; just because it doesn't work, it doesn't mean it can't work, but it does take time and continuous optimisation to get results regularly.
Sourabh Nandwana
You are removing the comment that criticizes something is not good for the long run.
I was just saying nothing new in this article. I hope this comment won't get deleted.
The reputation that Lilach had, quality of content didn't match it.
Melissa Fach
Sourabh Nandwana
Perhaps the info wasn't new for you, but we did not have these ideas published on our blog yet. And based on several comments below yours, several people found the information helpful.
Alex Tsygankov
Sourabh Nandwana
Hi Sourabh,

Of course, you have the right to criticize any post or author. However, general criticizing without explaining what exactly is wrong from your point of view may be considered unfair and offensive. You are welcome to express your thoughts, but please do so in a respectful manner.
Nick Li
I have been answering questions on Quora for a while - for SEO purpose or just out of pure interest of sharing knowledge. I don't know why I never thought of it as a content research tool gathering ideas for content generation! Thank you so much for your blog post, it is inspiring!
Lilach Bullock
Nick Li
Hi Nick, thanks so much for your comment, pleased you like the post :) It is a pretty great (and easy) way to research what your audience wants to learn more about so that you can create the type of content that will capture their attention and, ultimately, convert them into customers.
I am using Quora from around 3 months but your article changed my perception and the way quora works as marketing tools.
Lilach Bullock
Moxet Khan
Hiya, thanks for your comment:) It depends on what your goal is with using Quora - so for example, if you want to generate more traffic, this article gives you tips on how to do that. If on the other hand, you want to grow your industry influence, you'd answer different types of questions, in different ways - maybe I can expand on that subject in a future article :)
Moss Clement
Hi Lilach,

Nice to meet you on SEMrush's space. Your article is incredibly insightful, and very useful for bloggers and content marketers. Quora is a great platform that can help you skyrocket your blog traffic if done correctly.

Asking questions and giving answers to questions asked is the essence of Quora. It enables you to create contents that resonates with your audience because, they ask you a variety of questions about the issues they're dealing with.

This provides you the opportunity to craft compelling content that your audience will love to read. In other words, I always tell my blogger friends that Quora is a place where you can get UGC.

Though I haven't used the Quora Ads, the reviews I get are stunning.

Thanks for sharing Lilach.
Lilach Bullock
Moss Clement
Hi Moss, thanks for your comment and very kind words :)
Quora is indeed a very powerful platform, but it's often overlooked by bloggers/content marketers. In a way, that might actually work to our advantage (those of us who use Quora) - as we know with other social networks, it can lead to a lot of spam, which would then lead to people not trusting the answers any longer.
But yes, as you said, Quora is great not just for reaching more people and getting more traffic, but also for helping you create better content, and knowing what your audience is looking for.
Thanks again :)
Lisa Sparks
This is good food for thought. I'm wondering what time commitment we're looking at for this part of our content strategy. I wish there were stats and examples of success with this strategy. What's the return on the investment of our time if we were to integrate this into our marketing. And I'm speaking specifically about answering questions and interacting directly on the site. I'm also curious about how to aggregate or report how often someone is asking about a certain subject on this site. Is there a tool available to analyze the frequency and popularity of a certain topic on Quora?
Lilach Bullock
Lisa Sparks
Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your comment, pleased it got you considering a new tactic :) In terms of time commitment, it depends on how much you want to do on the platform, and what you ultimately want to achieve. I think that one of the big benefits of using Quora and answering questions is that your answers will continue to be read over time (people keep checking questions) so you should see a return from Quora in the long run. As for ROI, that's really impossible to say; it would depend on what you want to achieve with Quora, and how much time and resources you're putting into getting those results. And great idea with that tool - I haven't found any tools like that (I believe they still haven't released their API yet).
Emil Bruckner
Lilach Bullock
It also doesn't seem like they will publish an API any soon :(
Quora is also getting less open with the data they show you. By default you have to log in to view questions, and there is no chance to get the question-stats without being logged in … So I guess they are going in the opposite direction of releasing an API
Emil Bruckner
Lisa Sparks
I'm working on a Quora for Marketing Tool [link removed by moderator]. It's not even released yet and I'm working on it one feature at a time. You can definitely contact me on the landing page if you have some concrete expectations for what such a tool should do.

I initially started with the goal of finding better questions, but as I'm talking about it with other folks, most really like the idea of having some kind of analytics for their answers. I hope to build something helpful here
Lilach Bullock
Emil Bruckner
To be honest, both features would be really useful! Although it's quite easy to find questions to answer, it would be great to be able to cut down on all the time spent looking for them. And a big yes to Quora analytics, too - their analytics are pretty rudimentary, mostly just number of views over a certain period of time.
Bhupati Barman
I'm using Quora but I got better idea from your blog post, Realy more informative to me, Keep in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Lilach Bullock
Bhupati Barman
Glad to hear it Bhupati - hope it helps you get better results from Quora! Good luck :)
Emil Bruckner
Great article! I highlights all the aspects in which Quora can help.

I'm currently working on
There is one very short paragraph where I might be able to help: Finding questions. When you don't want to take the time to answer hundreds of questions, that part is critical
You can tell me if that could help you :)
Lilach Bullock
Emil Bruckner
Hi Emil, thanks so much for the comment, pleased you liked the article :) That sounds really interesting, will definitely be checking out your tool!
This comment was deleted.
Lilach Bullock
I’m so unused to anyone calling me Mrs. Bullock, it kind of reminds me of an old teacher I used to have :D Glad to hear you’ve heard of my reputation, though :D

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