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Why You Should Be Using Video to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Nolan Wilson
Why You Should Be Using Video to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Video killed the radio star, and has since moved on to focus on dominating the Internet. Whether you are a blogger trying to get exposure, a small business looking to grow your brand online, or a company trying to increase sales, online video marketing is a worthwhile strategy that can help improve your search ranking, engage your customers, and increase your conversion rates.

How impactful has video become? These stats tell the story:

  • 70% of the top 100 search results listings include video
  • Video viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video
  • 90% of consumers watch online videos
  • 57% of consumers say product videos give them more confidence in purchases
  • Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text

What’s great for companies looking to increase their e-commerce sales is that video is unique in the sense that it is a strategy that works well for almost all industries and products. According to Treepodia, conversion rates increased when product videos were present, especially for gifts, electronics, and jewelry.


It was only a short time ago when the e-commerce industry was focused on using high quality images to increase conversions and sales. Considering that a video can offer so much more than a photo, focusing on video will provide users with the information they want. Think of how much information you can communicate with a short video clip? A lot more than a blog post. Plus, it’s more engaging, and users are more likely to watch a video rather than read a long blog post.

Why Use Video?

  • It keeps people on your website longer
  • It helps to establish trust
  • Most people prefer to watch videos rather than read blog posts
  • You can convey more information in a shorter period of time
  • You can integrate video with other marketing strategies such as social media and email marketing

Where to Put Videos

You can put them on virtually any page where you are trying to convert. You can put them on your:

  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Landing pages – a study by com found that using video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%
  • Embedding in blog posts
  • Social Media content
  • Testimonial pages

The key is to introduce them at the right time, when users are ready to make a decision about signing up, request more product information, or make a purchase.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Videos

Investing in and producing a great video is only half of the equation. It’s no secret that we all want to get thousands of views, have our videos go viral, and boost our sales. Most videos don’t do this because they are missing a number of important, yet simple to implement, strategies to increase viewership and engagement:

  1. Place videos above the fold: Make sure videos are immediately identifiable by users when they land on a page.
  2. Include a text call to action: Invite users to watch your video using actionable call to action text. Be direct and use text such as “Watch the video” to increase engagement.
  3. Size matters: Ensure the size of your video player is 480x720px or larger. Smaller video players may get missed by users.
  4. Video thumbnails matter: Whether you are using text or an image for your video thumbnail, make sure that it’s engaging and will pique the interest of viewers.
  5. Embed rather than link: When you share a video link, you can expect a 5-15% view rate, but when you embed a video, you can expect a view rate of 10-35% on the same page.
  6. Keep it short and to the point: Viewers are impatient, and most won’t watch a video to the end. It’s recommended to keep your video to about 30 seconds or so to keep people’s attention.

Tools to Get Started

Consider these resources for setting up online video and converting like a pro:

  • Crazyegg: This helps you see how users are interacting with your website, where they are clicking, scrolling, and where they enter your website. A great tool to help you determine where to place a video to increase conversions.
  • Spaces: The tool helps you create highly effective landing pages that are integrated with payment options – making it easy for users to view and purchase products and services. Ideal for e-commerce websites
  • SumoMe: This tool helps you increase traffic to your website, another key factor that will help increase conversions.
  • Leadpages: This landing page building software allows you to create custom landing pages that can be integrated with Facebook, WordPress, and all major email service providers.

More than 50% of marketers believe video is the best type of content with the best ROI. With increasing pressure to produce more with smaller marketing budgets, video offers an effective strategy to increase online conversions. These tools can help you create effective landing pages to host your video.

Do you use video as part of your marketing strategy? Have you seen a positive impact on your conversion rates? Tell us about your successes.

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Nolan Wilson is a freelance writer and founder of Nolan Wilson Freelance. He is a content development strategist that helps businesses plan, strategize and create content to support inbound marketing campaigns. Nolan graduated from Western University with a Masters of Library and Information Science. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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Always good to see some practical video tips for ecommerce! I'd like to suggest another video tool to the mix - product video curation by goodvid.io. Apart from automating the discovery of videos from social media, it's a handy tool for video A/B testing to find the optimal content that makes the most impact on conversions. Quite relevant to your blog post!
Nolan Wilson
Miljana Mitic
Thanks for the great suggestion Miljana! Finding the right mix of content to help boost conversions is extremely important. Appreciate the comment!