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Winning Mobile Marketing Strategies #semrushchat

Elena Terenteva
Winning Mobile Marketing Strategies #semrushchat

Mobile marketing is a huge topic! From UX/UI to AMP pages — there are dozens of things to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your website’s mobile presence. During our last Twitter Chat, our guest expert (and dear friend) Nick Wilsdon @nickwilsdon, the Global SEO Lead of VodafoneGroup, and all our participants discussed major mobile marketing trends, tools and actionable tips for reaching new heights of your website rankings.

To start, we asked our participants about the latest mobile marketing trends.

Trends that are shaping today's mobile marketing

First of all, let's talk about some mobile trends that are gaining strength, which should be on your radar already if you want to stay up to date and deliver the best possible mobile experience to your users.

This isn't even optional — there is no way your website can compete without being responsive, fast and user friendly. Accept it or lose.

When thinking about mobile SEO, keep in mind that mobile search is quite different than a desktop approach, and voice search plays a great role here, paying attention to semantic SEO and long-tail keyword optimization.

Moving forward, let’s talk about goldfish – “humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish, thanks to smartphones. A Microsoft study highlights the deteriorating attention span of humans, saying the average attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds, according to telegraph.co.uk.

So what do you think? Grabbing users’ attention for eight whole seconds sounds quite challenging, doesn’t it? A possible solution here is simplicity. “Less is more for users: less navigation, fewer scrolls, smaller images, more text, and more engagement to spend on ads.” — Marianne Sweeny ‏@msweeny.

And speaking of ads, keep in mind another struggle…

Google recently started promoting AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages by embedding them directly in the news carousel on SERPs, and it is going to be a hot topic now. Chris Desadoy ‏@EliteYouTubePro is pretty sure that “you should 100 percent jump on AMP and get behind the schema.

Another game-changing trend to think about is…virtual reality. “The devices that will turn VR/AR into an interface for hundreds of millions will blend into our lives much more easily. To do that, they will embrace the one device that rules them all— the smartphone— and in doing so, pull it out of its stagnation.” techcrunch.com

Mobile marketing trends

When we discussed the latest trends of mobile marketing, we decided to reveal essential technical tips for mobile search.

Mobile SEO checklist

Thanks to the following experts for their tips:

Mobile SEO checklist from A to Z

Pay attention to what your mobile analytics are telling you!

Tools that search marketers use to analyze and test their rankings on mobile

First of all, let’s talk about testing. And to start, you don’t even need a special toolkit – “test on different devices, not just the one in your hand” — Jose Watson ‏@Josewats.  

You can also use these tools recommended by Cammy Murray ‏@cammysutra: Google’s Mobile-friendly Test Tool and Pingdom for speed testing. Patrick Stox ‏@patrickstox recommends start with Screaming Frog and Webpagetest.org.

Also, for tracking your mobile rankings, you can use the following tools mentioned by Chris Desadoy:

For a deeper understanding of how mobile users behave and interact with content, Mainstreethost ‏@mainstreethost recommends using Hotjar.

Laurel also mentions Chrispederick as one of her favorite tools.

As you can see, there are many tools that can help marketers test and analyze their rankings on mobile platforms.

Mobile SEO toolkit

It looks like we have a whole toolkit for mobile SEO thanks to our chat participants! We also discussed techniques that are essential for optimizing your mobile listings.

Anatomy of a perfect mobile SERP listing

We’ve already talked about technical strategies that are essential for mobile search engine optimization. But what does a perfectly optimized mobile listing looks like? We received plenty of great advice from our chat participants.

Benj Arriola @BenjArriola points out that optimization of a mobile listing depends on the browser you use: “Depends, what you use. Safari? Chrome? Phone Default.” He also offers a piece of advice for those who have mobile apps: “If you have a mobile app, consider to get that in search results & link straight to the store.”

Reva Minkoff provided a whole list of essentials for mobile listings. These can be added to the tips that Propecta @propecta shared with us: “Clear/compelling title and meta that are actionable, relevant, and within character limits; and Goog's Mobile-friendly tag.” As for the latter, a webpage should meet several criteria to be worthy of the mobile-friendly” label.

Great point! Indeed, Google uses the same information for listings on all devices. That’s why website owners should always think about their clients and users, meet their needs, and provide them with the answers they’re looking for. Chris Desadoy @EliteYouTubePro also mentions this key point: “You rank an app by stop thinking that an app and a website and a mobile site are different things; they are combining.”

No doubt, you must produce valuable content so users will be eager to share it on social media platforms, whether it’s on desktop or mobile. But, it must be easy to share!

Perfectly optimized mobile listing

The next question is dedicated to mobile apps and app indexing. Are there any techniques that SEOs can use in order to rank their apps in Google’s search results? Let’s find out!

How can SEOs rank apps in Google search results

If you perform a Google search on a mobile device, you’ll see webpages with relevant content along with mobile apps that Google thinks might be useful as well. App indexing is not new; although, this topic is not as popular as mobile-friendly webpages or AMP.

So, how can SEOs rank apps in Google search results?

“Firstly, make sure to check Google’s App Indexing section,” says Dario Zadro @DarioZadro. And indeed, your homepage already gives two actionable tips:

  • Submit the app and deep-linking apps on both iOS and Android to be indexed
  • Finish your users' sentences. In other words, think about keywords.

Not everything is technical when it comes to indexing mobile apps. Apart from deep link and keywords, WooRank @woorank says that having a clear app description is a must.

Unique content and backlinks are two things that are essential, no matter what you’re optimizing – a website or an app. Your app’s design and content should be relevant and unique, and your website should lead directly to the listing in the app store.

If you want your mobile app to rank high in SERPs, optimize your content and visuals for mobile, consider AMP coding styles, and link to listing in app stores from your own website. Check out the complete list of techniques below!

How to improve your app's rank

And now let’s move on to the final question!

How can AMP impact mobile search

Recently, there was a lot of talk about Google’s launching AMP listings. We decided to ask our chat participants to share their opinions on the impact of AMP on mobile search. Do they think that marketers should be worried about their impact on mobile search?

Some specialists believe that AMP mean more opportunity than trouble. For instance, Jon Tromans @JonTromans looks forward to seeing APS’s impact on mobile search: “Huge impact when it gets going. Not worried, excited. Will make sites behave it little bit more like apps.”

The thing is that Accelerated Mobile Pages weren’t launched to complicate our lives, but to benefit both publishers and readers. Bharat @bharatpc made a good point: “AMP is supposed to improve engagement & user experience through mobile search.

Even though, as Nick mentioned, websites with complex functionalities may have some difficulties because of AMP, many SEOs are quite excited about the changes in mobile search that Google has made. It opens up a variety of possibilities that marketers should benefit from.

Well, let’s summarize our answers!AMP's impact on mobile search

That’s it for today!

Again, many thanks to our special guest Nick Wilsdon @nickwilsdon and all our SEMrush Chat participants for this in-depth discussion!

Be sure not to miss the chat this Wednesday!

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