Your Blab Invitation: #SEMrushHour


This Monday, Jan. 25, SEMrush will host #SEMrushHour on Blab. #SEMrushHour is a time to discuss trends and tips on the innovative Blab platform. Each week, we'll have a different topic and focus.

To start, we'll discuss social media platform changes.

How Do You Join #SEMrushHour?

Blab is free to join. All you need to participate is a Twitter handle. Just sign in to your Twitter account and click here. Blab is kind of a cross between a Twitter chat and a Periscope, so if you enjoy either or both of these platforms, be sure to give it a try. It's “a place to watch, join, and interact with live conversations about the topics that matter most to you.”

Once you're in there, expect a warm welcome from our SEMrush team:

Future topics will include other aspects of digital marketing, such as personal branding, SEO and more! You'll even have the chance to interact with our Customer Success team.

Do you have any questions about SEMrush or social media platform changes? Do you have digital marketing topic suggestions for us to discuss in the future? Leave your question here in the comments and we'll make sure to address it during our Blab.

See you there!

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amit sharma
It sounds good. I am in :)

Kathleen Burns
amit sharma
Awesome! We can't wait to see you in chat. Feel free to ask questions. :)