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Marketing Calendar

Global visibility of your entire marketing for your team and clients.
Plan and align
Track performance

Plan and align all your marketing campaigns and activities

Gather all your marketing plans in one place. Forget about messy spreadsheets and lost files.

  • Recurring activities
  • Templates
  • Campaign budget

Collaborate in real time with your team

Invite an unlimited number of your team mates. Join forces to create effective campaigns.

  • Activity history log
  • Read-only permissions
  • Comments with mentions

Analyze campaigns’ performance with Google Analytics integration

Link your marketing campaigns with real campaigns by UTM tags and get an instant overview of their metrics.

Manage all your marketing tasks

Gather all your marketing tasks and workflows in one place. Track progress and supervise.

  • Customizable notifications
  • Assignees
  • Due dates

Share your plans with your clients

Get a global visibility not only for your team but for all your clients. Create and share in read-only mode all your marketing plans and progress.

  • Share calendars by external links
  • PDF export
  • CSV export