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Fly high with SEMrush: How AirEuropa outranked global travel giants

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“In the last 2 years we've built more than 20,000 destination landing pages covering our 22 international markets. With the help of SEMrush we've grown our Organic traffic by 20% despite competing with the toughest players in the industry. That's incredible”
Davina Alemany Seguí, SEO Content Executive at Air Europa


About Air Europa:

Air Europa, the airline division of Globalia, was founded in 1986 and has established itself as one of the most modern airlines. It is the first Spanish airline to operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the most efficient aircraft on the market with which it has positioned itself as a reference airline between Europe and America. Air Europa operates tour services between Northern and Western Europe and holiday resorts in the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. It also operates domestic scheduled services and long-haul scheduled services to North America and South America from Madrid. Its main base is Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Business Challenge:

Air Europa is one of the largest Spanish airlines which is headquartered in Llucmajor, Majorca and operates domestic, medium and long-haul flights. Since September 2007 Air Europa has been a member of the Skyteam alliance.
About three years ago Air Europa came to the point where they knew they had a good website with really good brand awareness in Spain. However, being a large international company that operates in 22 markets, Air Europa needed to ensure they were well-positioned on all of them. An international visibility was missing and was a key challenge for the airline.
To build quality online presence Air Europa have got to meet the needs of their existing and potential customers - to understand their wants and intentions. Moving further, Air Europa knew they would have to have a reliable tool that would allow them to monitor the overall progress of their SEO work.


Air Europa started using SEMrush in 2017. One of the winning strategies is to start with Keyword research to gain a deep and well-rounded understanding of the real needs of your target audience. That’s exactly where Air Europa began their SEO journey. SEMrush helped them analyze their keyword landscape. Seeing certain keyword search volumes they were enabled to see where their clients potentially wanted to travel. This in turn helped them formulate their all markets strategy and build landing pages dedicated to specific destinations.
SEMrush proved to be very effective for collecting all the necessary info inside the tool - it was very helpful for easy monitoring of all 22 regions performance. Link Building strategy was done in a similar manner where monitoring was significantly eased thanks to collated info inside the tool. Air Europa have also used SMM tracking and reporting to maintain healthy SMM strategy. SEMrush reporting tools enable clients to easily witness the evolution of keywords and to track both gaining and losing positions.
In addition to working on the Content part of their website Air Europa did international SEO for all 22 markets, too. With the help of Site Audit, in a course of a few months they have fixed and implemented all the essential aspects such as canonicals, hreflangs and others. They dedicated a lot of effort to fix mobile pages as well as all Air Europa subdomains with the help of Position Tracking. On a weekly basis AirEuropa uses Site Audit to check up on their website performance. Overall, this has allowed them to drastically improve their ranking positions.


Organic growth by 20% on all of Air Europa newly introduced landing pages:
Their overall online visibility has improved by 20% as well. Between June 2018 and June 2019 the rankings have gone up by 33 positions. They are now outranking other avialines internationally - do we have any examples here? The team has improved 596 backlinks.
Effective Topic Research to build landing pages that bring high intent customers:
Air Europa took particular destinations and explored what exactly people were searching about it on the web to identify what needs to be offered to customers on dedicated landing pages. The accuracy of SEMrush data guaranteed the pages were tailor-made for the target audience.
Smooth website migration with the help of SEMrush:
Following SEMrush guidance, Air Europa performed painless website migration ensuring that zero traffic got lost.
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