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International agency attracts leads 50-60% cheaper than online advertising using Semrush Agency Partners

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“There was already a level of trust from prospects because we were listed as a Semrush Agency Partner, and the efforts for closure were very low. I feel it is easier to close a lead that gets generated through the platform.”
Mohit Sareen, Founder & CEO, Cheenti Digital LLC

About Cheenti Digital LLC:

Cheenti Digital LLC is a global tech-enabled, creative communications & digital marketing agency providing solutions around a 360-degree marketing outreach. With a presence in North Carolina, USA, Australia, and India, in their journey of over two decades, they have evolved into a success-driven agency with an international clientele in countries like the USA, Australia, UK, India, Singapore, Canada, UAE, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, and others.

Business Challenge: Generating cost-effective leads and building trust during the conversion process

As is the case for many agencies, Cheenti Digital LLC  is always aiming to generate new leads, and then convert them into clients. It has leveraged a wide array of techniques and tactics for this purpose, including digital marketing, SEO, social media, and referral marketing.

However, these methods can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, with no guarantee of success at the other end.

Once prospects have been identified, there is another issue within the conversion process, too: conveying a sense of trust. After all, even with the best marketing and sales team in the world, it’s difficult to convince potential clients that your agency is the real deal.

That’s why Cheenti decided to try the Semrush Agency Partners Platform in March 2021.

Solution: Active inbound lead generation platform that provides strong social proof

By signing up for Agency Growth Kit, Cheenti Digital LLC has been listed on the Semrush Agency Partners platform. This means that whenever businesses search for a digital agency on Semrush, Cheenti  – and its services – can be easily found.

In order to be listed, Cheenti had to undertake and pass the relevant Semrush Academy certification. As a result, those businesses can be confident that Cheenti:

Is an expert in the Semrush toolkit
Has been verified as an official partner
Is qualified to deliver the highest quality experience for platform users
 Does SMM
 Does competitive research
 Does sales

By signing up for the Agency Growth Kit, Cheenti Digital LLC gained access to several other benefits, including:

Secure and accessible customer spaces in Client Portal for client management and reporting
Branded and white-label reports
Automated client reporting
Full access to an agency-tailored CRM

This has helped Cheenti to manage clients more efficiently and build stronger working relationships, increasing the chances that those leads will become repeat customers.


Since using the platform, Cheenti Digital LLC  has:

Regularly generated leads directly through the platform
Acquired those leads at a cost of 50% to 60% cheaper than through their existing lead generation channels
Signed contracts with 2 of those leads (both of which Sareen describes as “relatively bigger” than usual)

With direct exposure to potential clients, the Semrush Agency Partners Platform allows agencies like Cheenti to attract quality warm leads. As the results show, these leads can convert into long-term clients, too, making it a highly effective string to add to your marketing bow.

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