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World's largest professional service firm enters new markets with SEMrush

Success story

“Combining the strength of two top-tier players can only lead to success. We are pleased that we can assist our aspiring digital products business with first-class SEO measures like SEMrush.”
Julian Sappelt, PwC New Ventures Marketing Lead

About PwC:

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is Germany's leading auditing and consulting firm. On the way into the digital era, clients trust in the interdisciplinary competence, global networking, and high integrity of the international firm. In Germany, the PwC Digital Store was launched at the end of 2019 and has since become the information and transaction platform for digital products - mostly software as a service.

Business Challenge

A few years ago, PwC decided to enter new markets by developing, marketing, and ultimately selling digital products. Well known for its professional service such as audit, tax, or management consulting, the world of software creation was fairly new and unfamiliar.
In Germany, the establishment of a so-called PwC New Ventures team to enable the appropriate business processes was one key to the solution. In 2019, New Ventures together with the PwC Experience Center in Zurich, Switzerland launched its PwC Digital Store to market digital solutions online and make the product portfolio transparent, easy for prospects to get in touch, and ultimately allow businesses to directly buy software from PwC. All of a sudden, PwC found itself in the e-commerce market and it was time to establish a solid online presence.


In order to get higher search result rankings, PwC invested in SEO measures and chose SEMrush as a provider of choice and powerful partner to perform keyword research and analytics. It became obvious quickly that there is a correlation between business success and SEO metrics. Multiple metrics from SEMrush led to direct operation or business decisions.
  1. Site Audit helped to assess PwC’s digital store domain’s health, so the required technical updates were made. It also pointed out deficits that could easily and quickly be resolved, such as duplicate titles or meta descriptions.
  2. Market Explorer helped PwC to navigate in the unfamiliar market of online software sales. The traditional “Big Four” competitors and further consultancies were no longer fishing in the same pond. None of PwC’s traditional competitors offers a comparable Store. Instead, the market was defined by new competitors depending on the different products being marketed.
  3. Position Tracking tool unveiled room for improvement, which PwC took on immediately and led to on and off-page efforts. Ever since the Digital Store is continuously improving its positioning.
  4. Content analyzer became one of many tools to accompany the process of creating new landing pages for PwC's digital products. In order to optimize search relevance, the tool helped the company discover new keywords, challenge existing keyword ideas and helped to keep track over the content creation process across multiple teams.
SEMrush was also used to closely monitor the ad campaigns for digital products. For example, when the Digital Fitness App was released to private users for free during COVID-19, SEMrush’s Brand monitoring tool helped to keep track of the broad media coverage and brand mentions on web pages that Google News Alerts alone would not have found.


With all the appropriate measures in place, PwC has seen a constant growth in traffic on the PwC Digital Store.
PwC Digital Store’s traffic growth of more than 800% in 6 months
Steady growth of keyword relevance
Notwithstanding the increase in traffic, the conversion rate climbed from 2% in December 2019 to 10% in April 2020
Due to improved search rankings, organic search traffic tripled since the beginning of 2020
Optimizing the content led to a decrease of the bounce rate of more than 15%
Next to the proven impact on hard facts, SEMrush has also changed some soft factors. The use of the various analytics tools has positively influenced PwC’s internal view of online marketing and SEO optimization which also finds reflection in new job openings.
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