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Spanish merchandising retailer uses Semrush to increase revenue by 50% and website traffic by 60%

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About Ravanetto:

Ravanetto is a corporate merchandising retailer based in Spain. Founded in 1982, the company now offers more than 10,000 customized advertising products from its catalog. In 2014, Ravanetto launched into the digital world by creating a website to sell its products throughout the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Business challenge: Improve organic traffic in a highly competitive market niche

Starting out in the World Wide Web, Ravanetto wanted to improve its organic traffic for B2B customers. To do this, the company hired a digital marketing agency to carry out Adwords campaigns aimed at this type of consumer.

However, it soon became obvious that these campaigns were not entirely effective , as too many powerful companies were running search ads at the time. A better growth strategy was to perform email automation; but a large CRM was needed, which Ravanetto lacked at this time.

In 2016, the company decided to invest in hiring an SEO manager who would generate quality content and create an efficient purchase flow. The aim was to increase the organic traffic that could attract relevant customers and build their loyalty.

Solution: Search and group keywords by categories

Initial Keyword Research

One of Ravanetto's strengths is its large number of categories. In order to position them organically, they had to study the relevant keywords and group them by market niche. To achieve this, Ravanetto used the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool.

The team chose keywords based on the following criteria:

  • Relevant to the business
  • Relatively low KD of up to 40 points
  • Estimated traffic of up to 1k a month

In this way, the team would have a general structure to start creating content for those categories, avoiding cannibalization (too many identical keywords on different pages) of keywords as much as possible.

The team used the discovered keywords while writing content for:

  • Pillar Pages for selected informational topics
  • Corporate blog
  • Product and category descriptions

Competitor Research

Using Semrush's Keyword Gap tool, Ravanetto compared its website with competitors to see which of their keywords had the most opportunity for high-ranking search results. The team entered the competitors’ domains and filtered the results to “untapped”.

The tool made it easy to track competitors’ keywords and how they were improving over time relative to their competitors.

Link Building

Ravanetto used Semrush’s Backlink Gap tool to monitor how its competitors get traffic from other sites and find domains to request backlinks from as well:

Results: 60% increase in organic traffic and 50% in revenue

Since the Ravanetto team started using Semrush until December 2021, it achieved:

60% organic traffic increase, reaching 639 keywords in Google’s Top 10 results and 472 SERP Features
A robust CRM with more than 6000 registered clients thanks to the aqcuired site traffic
50% revenue increase

Ravanetto was able to create and maintain sustainable organic traffic, as well as gain new clients.

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