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Black Friday 2019: are people's wishes equal to the best deals?

Trusted trends data provider, SEMrush has revealed the top online consumer searches from the US, UK, CA, and AU,  in the lead up to Black Friday. 

According to online searches relating to Black Friday, SEMrush has discovered the most searched for products and categories - be it technology, travel or fashion, here are the items people prefer to search for during the annual deals. Other data collected highlights the most frequently searched for brands as well as the top questions asked about Black Friday over the past year.

In this study SEMrush also reveals:

  • Black Friday’s most popular products;
  • Most frequently asked questions about Black Friday;
  • Global Interest of Black Friday from various countries;
  • Most searched-for brands and сompanies at Black Friday; 
  • In-depth break down of Interest in Black Friday by states.


Let’s look at what SEMrush has discovered.


Top products on a global scale:

Black Friday deals are universally acknowledged as some of the best bargains to be bought - even when you’re not looking to buy. Between 2018 to 2019, there was a clear trend across the globe for technology, with two major game consoles battling for the top spot.

Averaging more than two million monthly searches, the Nintendo Switch and PS4 were in high demand. This was followed by Apple Watch and Apple Airpods. What’s interesting to note from this global list of products is that despite the top spot being won by Nintendo, Apple seems to take the biggest bite above all other brands. They remain strong with 40% of their products in the top 10 bearing their bright and shiny logo.


Top Questions

Have you ever wondered what other people were searching about when it comes to Black Friday? Look no further as SEMrush offers insights into the top questions and queries surrounding Black Friday from across the world. Do you know all the answers to the questions below?


Black Friday VS Cyber Monday

Black Friday is usually associated with a super-high interest turning to shopping. Be it products or brands, bargain-hungry buyers would be able to find the best deals on this one day. However, Cyber Monday has also been thrown into the mix to facilitate even more online shopping than ever before! So seeing both days are associated with shopping - what day do people prefer? Between 2018 to 2019, searches show a greater interest and volume regarding… you guessed it - Black Friday! 


Interest in Black Friday around the world

There’s no doubt that Black Friday is extremely popular all over the world, however, SEMrush decided to dive deeper to reveal exactly what countries are most interested in this day.

In a usual twist, leading the pack is none other than Brazil, who is closely followed by France and Germany, then neck and neck are Italy and the United States. In fourth place is the UK and surprisingly Spain takes fifth place when it comes to searching for Black Friday.


Most searched for brands 

Be it reputation, loyalty or looks - everyone has their own preferences when it comes to purchasing big brands. These preferences become even more interesting in the lead up to Black Friday. SEMrush research depicts what the most sought after brands are in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

In the US people preferred Best Buy for Black Friday, with Walmart being left to the second best - a similar taste in trends for Canadians.

Down under the Australians first preference was gadgets and gizmos from technology giant Jb Hi-Fi, followed by major department store Myer. 

Amongst both the US, Canada and Australia, Amazon ranks in the top third spot. However, in the UK, Amazon is the most searched brand for Black Friday, followed by Argos and John Lewis.


Most searched for product groups

When it comes to shopping - do you know what the wider public prefers to buy? Is it electronics, toys, clothes or cars? That’s the million-dollar question for most shopkeepers who need to sort out the correct supply for Black Friday demands. Let’s dive deeper into the findings... 

In the United States, people are looking to buy laptops, furniture, and shoes.

Meanwhile, in Australia, people are searching for cheap flights during Black Friday sales, followed by clothes and laptops. 

In Canada and the United Kingdom, laptops take the lead when it comes to product searches for Black Friday, followed by discounted flights in both countries. The third most searched product group is where the two countries take different routes... Whilst Canada is most interested in shoes, the UK has taken a firm interest in clothes.


Black Friday’s most searched for products 

So now we know what brands people are most frequently searching for and we also know what product groups are of interest - but we still need to know what particular products are being bought during the Black Friday deals.

In the United States, the top searches were dedicated to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Apple watch. In Canada and in the UK, people seemed to prefer portable headphones with Apple Airpods being most popular in the third spot. On the contrary, in Australia people were consumed with the Nintendo Switch and PS4 however, kicking new goals, FIFA 19 scored third place over everything else. 


We hope you enjoyed reading this study as much as we enjoyed collecting the data for it!

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