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Latest business trends

Business and finance stats can be interesting!

The world of business and finance is constantly evolving be it buying, selling, producing or consuming - we are able to explore products, services and we are able to monitor shifting trends! In a fast-paced modern society that is rapidly changing, what could be more interesting than observing patterns and profits of the online world?
SEMrush decided to prove that business and finance stats can, in fact, be interesting with a brand new study based on websites' traffic, Google searches and digital advertising data. Comparing the results of 2018 and 2019 globally, SEMrush reveals the latest trends in various industries, startups, advertising and business in general.
Here is what we've found out!


Age of internet users

The majority of people who use the internet are 25-34 years old – the share is 31.5%. 

Traffic sources

The growth of traffic from Paid Search has increased by 46% YoY. Direct traffic still accounts for a major source of traffic and is around 54%. 

Advertising in various industries

The insurance industry is the most expensive for paid advertising (with an average cost per click of around $20), followed by Online Education and Marketing & Advertising. 

Social Media channels performance

Traffic from Facebook to websites is still higher than from any other social network. In 2019, its traffic growth rate increased by 16%. However, Instagram’s traffic growth among other social networks, has beaten all records, with a 136% increase in the share of traffic.
It's interesting to note a discussion website Reddit, is losing its position. In fact, its share of traffic among all other social media channels has decreased by 60%.


In 2019, people became more interested in “how to invest in a startup”, with +71.28% online searches monthly compared to 2018.
Also, “how to get a startup business loan” was searched 62.23% more than in the previous year.
And interest in “startup jobs” is high as it’s searched in Google around 22,200 times every month. 


In 2019, people searched whether it's worth investing in top 5G stocks (+377.33% compared to 2018), impossible foods (+327.11%), Uber (+77.20%), Amazon (+69.13%), real estate (by 52.66% more than in 2018), and gold (+58.17%); they also searched for the concrete startup companies to invest in (+63.16%). 
Talking about less appealing investments in 2019, the following saw quite a drop in search volume:
  • Cryptocurrencies - down 61.88%
  • Invest in mutual funds online - down 47.36%
  • Invest in Tesla - down by 15.74%

*SEMrush only included in these statistics keywords that were searched for no less than 1000 times per month on average during 2019.

Opening a business in ...

In 2019, the highest increase in searches about opening a business were: 
  • the best business to open in Mauritius, by 98.51%
  • open a business in Georgia, with a 62.16% increase 
  • opening a business in Mexico also increased by 51.85%
In terms of countries that lost interest in opening a business, we have:
  • Thailand with -53.42%
  • India with -40.12%
  • Poland with -35.80%
Stable markets for opening a business include Switzerland, Australia, and Italy. 

*SEMrush only included in these statistics keywords that were searched for no less than 50 times per month on average during 2019.

Questions people ask Google about business

When it comes to the word business - there are several meanings and ideas associated with it and people frequently turn to the wonderful web with questions and queries in hope of tips and top answers. 

Here are the most asked questions of 2019 in regards to Business: 

  1. What is a qualified business income?
  2. How to start a vending machine business?
  3. What is business continuity?
  4. How to register a business name for free?
  5. How to create a business account on Facebook?


Last year as well as this year, people are searching mostly for “pay by phone”, with 47,900 searches per month on average.  But searches for “pay by google pay” also increased by 353.33% in 2019. 

Interest in bitcoin payment fell by 32.70%. 


Other interesting statistics

We hope you enjoyed reading this study as much as we enjoyed collecting the data for it!

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