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The world of TV series in 2019

SEMrush dives deeper into the world of TV series!

Throughout this study, we're going to reveal which TV series have been the most popular in 2019 and how interest in these TV series has changed from time to time. We will delve into the most sought-after scare shows and the best comedies too. Another important element we’re exploring is identifying the most visited services chosen by viewers.

Scroll down slowly and enjoy! We believe you'll be interested to see the shifts in search trends and also find some new inspiration on what series to watch tonight!



So what’s got everyone laughing the most? Taking top spot for the most popular comedy TV series and being the most streamed sitcom is none other than...

Friends! - From being on a ‘break’ to the gang of six have everyone in stitches and are the leader of laughs - but not far behind them is...


Black mirror or The Walking Dead?  The Walking Dead or Black mirror? You may need to watch this over again to see who’ll win this competition! 


If you think you know what TV series scored top spot in the U.S. - you know nothing! Winner is coming - and it is of course Game of Thrones!

But here’s the heat map of TV series ranking second in each state:


Have you ever wondered which streaming services people are most eager to select when it comes to watching their beloved TV series? Here are the top 10 list just for you:


Did you know that more than 20% of almost any streaming platform audience is watching TV series on Netflix as well? No surprise that everyone just loves to ‘Netflix & chill’!


And a bonus part for everyone who adores watching the screen. Just in case you were wondering what the most commonly searched for TV series online over the last four years were - we have the answer!

Keep your eyes on the prize as this animation explodes with the hidden secret…

We hope you enjoyed reading this study as much as we enjoyed collecting the data for it!

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