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Competitive Research Toolkit

Smart data to analyze competition and inform your decisions

Traffic Analytics

  • Find out where your rivals concentrate most of their marketing efforts
  • Discover their websites’ traffic, audiences and leadgen sources
  • Analyse their regional presence

Market Explorer

  • Learn total market traffic trends and competitors’ shares
  • Reveal top players in any market
  • Benchmark companies’ growth dynamics and performance of digital marketing channels
  • Get to know in-market audience interests and demographics
  • Find leads and prospects for your business

Organic Research

  • Learn about your competitors’ most successful SEO practices
  • See the domains you are competing with for the top positions in Google
  • Break down their keyword strategies

Keyword Gap

  • Identify competitors’ target keywords you’ve overlooked
  • Uncover keyword opportunities to boost your ROI
  • Find keywords for your SEO, AdWords and PLA campaigns

Backlink Analytics

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of your competitors' backlinks
  • Explore their referring domains, IPs, and TLD distribution
  • Uncover link-building opportunities by watching your rivals’ lost links

Backlink Gap

  • Find and evaluate the websites linking to your competitors but not to you
  • Compare your backlink profile against your rivals’
  • Get a list of domains to target in your link-building campaigns

Advertising Research

  • Discover your main paid search competitors
  • See the keywords they are bidding on
  • Study the composition of their ad texts

Display Advertising

  • Analyze the texts and banners your competitors are using
  • Discover the most influential publishers in your niche
  • Get ideas for your ad campaigns on desktop and mobile

PLA Research

  • Uncover your biggest competitors in Google Shopping
  • Learn how they advertise and price their products
  • Find the keywords that make their products appear in Google Shopping results

Brand Monitoring

  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ online reputation using smart mentions tracking
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your/your rivals’ PR campaigns
  • Check the authority of their referring domains

Topic Research

  • Detect the most searched and shared topics and questions in one click
  • Specify your competitors’ domains to see the subjects that are already covered
  • Reveal user intent by analyzing related searches

Post Tracking

  • Track the performance of your/your competitors’ articles across the main social networks
  • Watch the rankings and backlinks of your and your competitors’ articles
  • Monitor the performance of your rivals’ external articles by day or month

Social Media Tracker

  • Monitor your competitors’ social media activities
  • See what audiences’ interests your rivals try to trigger and how
  • Examine competitors’ top performing content to enhance your own strategy