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Content Marketing Platform

Combine creativity and analytics
on each step of your workflow.

  • Research.
  • Create.
  • Innovate.

Approach to
Content Marketing

How do you provide value to your audience through a unique content experience? How do you develop or improve your content strategy based on data?

SEMrush allows content marketers to be both creative and analytical. Complete your entire content marketing workflow from one place.

  • Find trending topic ideas
  • Write catchy content and optimize it
  • Manage your editorial plan
  • Measure the impact and analyze content performance

Step by Step Towards a Bright Content Future

  • Find a topic

    Find a Topic

    Get a source of instant ideas for engaging content that drives traffic and stands out from the competition.

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  • Create a plan

    Create a Plan

    Manage your content marketing campaigns, collaborate with your team, create tasks and track their real-time progress.

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  • Write an article

    Write an Article

    Create content that drives marketing results. Get a tailored template for optimized and search-friendly content.

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  • Optimize it

    Optimize It

    Check the SEO potential and originality of your text in real time.

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  • Analyze mentions

    Analyze Mentions

    Find the most relevant industry media for content distribution, evaluate potential traffic/reach and analyze your or competitive brand presence.

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  • Measure results

    Measure Results

    Evaluate the impact of your or competitive external articles in terms of social engagement, search rankings and traffic.

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  • Improve content

    Improve content

    Analyze and sort your content assets to discover what resonates well and what requires further improvement.

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Take Your
Content Marketing
to the Next Level

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