AI Writer: Instant Marketing Copy Generator

Craft powerful copy with our AI content generator.
ContentShake AI creates content in one click, enhances it with real-time SEO data, and optimizes it for engagement and traffic.

ContentShake AI: AI Writing Generator for Your Content Needs

Our AI Writer spins out ready-to-roll content designed to drive organic traffic and engagement—even if you're flying solo.

The Smart AI Writer That Makes Content Creation a Breeze

Create unlimited SEO-friendly content with the AI writing generator

  • Use ContentShake’s speedy AI content writer to create entire articles in one click.
  • Tell it about your business, choose a content idea, and get your SEO-rich blog post ready in an instant.
  • Generate as much content as you like without limits or extra costs.

Ask questions with the ContentShake AI chatbot

  • Use the AI writer chatbot to speed up your content creation.
  • Communicate with AI trained on your article’s data and request any writing tasks.
  • Create new content, rewrite your copy, generate ideas, conduct research, brainstorm, and more.

Integrate real-life competitive insights and up-to-date information

  • Reduce time spent on competitive research and enhance your copy with real-time data from the top-ranking pages.
  • Generate content with optimized structure, headlines, keywords, and more to rank higher in search.
  • Use the AI copywriting generator to get content fueled by fresh information pulled from the web.

Use the AI writer to improve your text’s readability, tone of voice, and SEO

  • Use the AI writer to attract more traffic by generating content optimized for users and search engines.
  • Get your draft scored and follow instant suggestions on how to make it better.
  • Add quick fixes using the integrated AI features.

Instantly create, rephrase, summarize, and expand your copy

  • Use the AI copy generator to add new content and enhance it in one click.
  • Generate a summary, rewrite your text, or add more ideas to overcome writer’s block.
  • Save hours of work by using one simple, intuitive interface instead of multiple tools.

Publish content directly to your WordPress blog

  • Are you ready to publish your article? Send it to your WordPress website without leaving the tool.
  • Or, share it to Google Docs.
  • With the AI writer, you can also see and manage all of your drafts in one place.

Create Content Your Customers Will Love

The ContentShake AI writing generator is your go-to tool for building awesome organic content—whether you’re a marketer, a writer, or a business owner.

Write, optimize, and publish content in one place

Take AI copywriting to the next level and automate your entire content production workflow.

Leverage Semrush’s powerful SEO data

Combine AI with real-time competitive insights to create content that attracts relevant traffic.

Save time and money, and use the tool on your terms

Explore our free AI writing generator or opt for the unlimited full plan—with no hidden costs.


Chiara Brancato

Founder at the Museum Creative

“ContentShake AI creates a long-form piece right away, and accuracy and accessibility make it way better thane ChatGPT!”

Vanhishikha Bhargava

Founder at Contensify

“It has really simplified keyword research, generating content ideas and, most importantly, creating SEO-friendly content briefs for the team we have hired.”

Kathryn Strachan

CEO at CopyHouse

“The platform is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, making it a reliable and efficient tool to streamline our content creation process.”

All the AI Copywriting Generator Features You’ll Ever Need

Generate and brainstorm content ideas

Write long-form content with AI in one click

Optimize your articles for search

Make any content requests with the AI chatbot

Generate outlines optimized for search intent

Write engaging, high-performing headlines

Find and add target keywords to rank in search engines

Use the AI writer to add more content and ideas

Craft powerful introductions and conclusions

Generate paragraphs and sentences

Ensure your drafts are SEO-friendly

Create lists and generate ideas for your content

Paraphrase, summarize and expand your copy

Use the AI writing generator to improve your copy’s tone of voice

Publish content directly to your WordPress blog

How to Use the ContentShake AI Writer

Tell us about your business
Choose a content idea suggested by the tool or add your own
Let the AI content generator write your entire piece from scratch
See a score for readability, tone of voice, and SEO
Publish it, or revise based on your score:
  • Improve structure
  • Add more target keywords
  • Generate more text with the “Ask AI” feature
  • Optimize your copy based on the competitive analysis and SEO data
  • Add engaging headlines, statistics, and more
  • Rewrite, paraphrase, summarize, or expand your copy
See your new score, fix any remaining issues, and send the piece to WordPress


You can use the ContentShake AI writer to generate long-form content for your website. For example, it can instantly write blog posts and articles optimized for SEO.

The tool combines AI with Semrush’s powerful competitive data, so it can help you build content that quickly ranks on Google.

ContentShake is also great for optimizing your content. It scores your copy across three main dimensions: tone of voice, readability, and SEO. It then highlights all issues and helps you fix them with AI.

You can start by exploring the free AI writer, which includes all the basic features of the tool.

With the paid version, for $60 per month, you’ll also receive:

  • 25 new content ideas per week
  • Unlimited content generation
  • Unlimited “Compose with AI” and all rewrite features
  • One-click WordPress publishing

Consider the following when choosing the best AI writing generator:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • What is the quality of the data?
  • What are its key features (e.g., does it include AI text editing)?
  • How easy is it to prompt?
  • Does it offer customized support?

AI writers like ContentShake help you combine AI with real-life competitive data, increasing your chances of ranking and converting.

You can publish any content created with ContentShake’s AI writing generator to your website. The copy the tool generates is original and plagiarism-free, and you own this content. Right now, using AI-generated text is not against Google’s guidelines. What matters is that your content is useful and practical.

By Semrush

ContentShake AI is a smart writing tool that lets you create ready-to-rank content with ease. It combines AI capabilities with Semrush’s powerful SEO data and is perfect for small teams with big content goals.

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