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Competitive Research & Market Analysis with SEMrush

Competitive Research & Market Analysis with SEMrush

Apr 15, 2019

The modern marketplace is ever-evolving. In order to stay at the very top, marketers need to be on red alert to avoid being left behind by the competition. Accurate and timely data can equip marketers with the required competitive intelligence to react quickly to market changes. Of course, it must be said that gathering that data is easier said than done.

This e-book gives insight into how SEMrush can help you to analyze your competitors’ marketing strategies to gain a clear understanding of the demand within a market. The e-book also provides information on how to uncover gaps and make the best use of opportunities to succeed.

Discover detailed guidance on the following categories within competitive research and market analysis:

  • Media buying optimization
  • Enhancing business proposals
  • Searching for gaps and insights
  • Research new markets and niches
  • Analyzing competitors’ marketing strategies
  • Establish co-marketing and affiliate partnerships

Data is an integral part of supporting the marketing decisions you make. SEMrush tools provide you with in-depth market analysis that can help to enhance your strategies, partnerships, proposals, and more.

Estimated Reading Time: 24 minutes

Target Audience: This in-depth study is suitable for mid-level digital marketers to marketing managers both in house and at digital marketing agencies looking to further establish their campaigns by analysing the competition.

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