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The Smart Marketer's Guide To Digital Diwali Campaigns

The Smart Marketer's Guide To Digital Diwali Campaigns

Nov 06, 2018

Diwali has traditionally been the biggest shopping season for Indian consumers, comparable to holiday shopping period in the run up to Christmas in the West.The occasion is considered auspicious for pretty much any major purchase, including real estate and automobiles, especially in parts of India where New Year follows Diwali.

This guide will help marketers answer some critical questions, including:

  • What are people searching for during the Diwali holiday season?
  • Which products and categories are selling the most?
  • Which are the popular keywords and how much does it cost to bid for them?
  • What kind of content and ad copy are leading brands creating to influence their audience?
  • What tactics are the giant ecommerce retailers using to maximize sales during Diwali?
  • How are industry leaders adapting their advertising strategy to changing buyer behavior?
  • How can marketers put together a quick campaign to target their ideal audience?

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