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SEMrush Annual E-commerce study

SEMrush Annual E-commerce study

Oct 01, 2018

The amount of e-commerce platforms and online stores are growing yearly. But do we really know how the leading retailers become leaders? What efforts need to be made to execute an effective online strategy? How to do first things first and sort everything out in order?

SEMrush conducted an e-commerce study to answer these questions, along with many others. We analyzed the data to help your e-commerce business choose a marketing strategy that delivers the best results.

How this study helps:

  • Identifies the best channel to gain traffic in your industry.
  • Shows what emotional phrases you need to use in your campaigns.
  • Points out the best offers featured in ads of popular e-commerce businesses.
  • Creates the best advertising strategy for your business.
  • Shows what countries are most interested in the industry your e-commerce is targeting.
  • Teaches businesses how to take advantage of your backlinks and organic search tools in your marketing plan.

Target Audience

This study is for entry to mid level swiss-army marketers and marketing managers who are working in e-commerce businesses around the world.

This study is useful for e-commerce business owners who want to understand the way marketing works in this niche and what it takes to generate traffic and leads for their businesses.

We are now ready to present our findings and we hope that the study will become groundbreaking for everyone engaged in e-commerce industry.

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