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Practical Guide to Data-Driven Content Marketing

Practical Guide to Data-Driven Content Marketing

Feb 27, 2019

Content marketing continues to play a broad role within digital marketing strategies - but making a real success of content marketing is far from easy.

Your content must engage, inform, and offer the user genuine value. One of the most popular and effective means of achieving this goal is to create a data driven content marketing campaign.

High-quality content relies upon reliable data. This ebook offers all the insight you need, from the research and planning stages right through to publication and performance tracking.

Within this practical guide to data driven content marketing you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify target audiences
  • Set content marketing strategy goals
  • Analyze your market and competition
  • Distribute content via the right channels
  • Analyze your data marketing performance

Estimated Reading Time: 36 minutes

Target Audience: This guide is perfect for those working with content on a day-to-day basis, with advice and top tips for content writers, editors, and content marketing strategists of all levels.

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