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Top Required PPC Skills and Platforms

Top Required PPC Skills and Platforms

Dec 13, 2018

The number of skills and platforms a PPC specialist should master is growing every year. It’s not only about paid search and social networks anymore; there are other skills and channels popping up in job offers worldwide.

Discover the most in-demand qualifications for PPC specialists and get advice from experts on how to stay successful in 2019 and beyond with the SEMrush Academy study on the most required PPC skills and platforms.

We have analyzed more than 4500 job offers on Monster and Indeed - two of the biggest job search sites - and prepared some insightful statistics that can be interesting both for employers and employees.

In this e-book you’ll discover:

1. The Top 10 required PPC skills in Australia, Canada, India, UK and US

2. Expert opinions about local PPC markets

3. Forecasts about the PPC specialist of the future provided by industry leaders

We hope that you find this data and the insights we’ve gleaned from this research to be helpful in developing your professional skills and achieve your personal goals moving forward into 2019.

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