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Get an overview of your competitors’ GDN strategies

Google’s Display Network is a huge part of PPC advertising; it offers millions of websites where you can promote your products and services. But how can you avoid wasting money on bidding for impressions and clicks that don’t bring any leads or sales revenue for your business? Learn from the best GDN performers in your niche!


The SEMrush Display Advertising tool is a one-stop shop for analyzing other advertisers and gaining insights into their GDN strategies. Type in your competitor’s domain and explore different aspects of their campaigns:

Ad Trend - how actively are your competitors advertising their businesses? Has there been any drastic change in their campaigns in the last months? The Ads Trend graph will help you to understand this.

Countries - discover which countries your competitor is most active in. This chart allows you to see which markets the advertiser is now concentrating on.


Devices - trying to understand if you need to target desktop, tablet or mobile users to get maximum ROI? Learn from your competitors! SEMrush breaks down all the ads by device type and by OS (iOS vs. Android), which can help you easily understand which options other advertisers are focusing on.


Formats - GDN is not only about banners: there are other formats available, such as text ads. Explore which formats are used more frequently in your niche and analyze the breakdown more thoroughly.

Analyze competitors' display ads

Google’s Display Advertising is an interruption activity. That’s why making prospective customers switch from the website they are visiting to yours is a challenge. As an advertiser, you must intervene in a user’s web surfing and give them a very good reason to click your ad.

With SEMrush Display Advertising Data, you can analyze how other companies successfully build display ads:


Analyze competitors’ and industry leaders’ engaging ad headlines, sub headlines, images, design, call to action, and special incentives.


Display the ratio of text ads to image and responsive HTML banners, and see what works best for attracting prospective users.


From the impressions of specific ads we have identified, learn about an ad's stability in generating conversions.

Spot new publishers

While setting up display advertising campaigns, Google’s Display Network proposes different ad targeting options, including placement targeting. You can skip this step or use it to gain control over where your display ads’ impressions will be located.

Researching competitors’ publishers is one of the most important aspects of display advertising. Performing a deep competitive placement analysis prior to launching any display campaigns can save on your display budget and time on testing different publishers' websites.

With the SEMrush AdSense Publishers Report, you are able to locate where your competitors are advertising on and pick up high performing placements for your display campaigns. The websites that send traffic to your competitors could be nice placements for your business as well.

By spotting websites that you have not used yet to promote services or products, and by increasing your display presence on specific placements, you ensure that your ads are reaching your target audience.


View display ads from different devices

While creating display advertising campaigns, you will be allowed to select which devices your ads will be displayed on. You can choose desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices if you have a website with a responsive design or if you are promoting an app.


The SEMrush Display Advertising feature allows you to see changes in statistics for different device types the ads were displayed on.

  • See which devices produce the most impressions for your competitors;
  • Analyze whether text ads or media banners work best for specific types of devices;
  • Adjust your display campaign settings and let users better interact with your ads!

[EXCLUSIVE] Target the right audience with Audience Insights

Audience targeting is a crucial part of success for advertisers in the display network. To deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, you can analyze what audiences your competitors are targeting and use their best practices. These insights are now avaiable in Display Advertising tool. You can see breakdowns by gender, age, interests, and top advertiser categories.


The Audience Targeting report will come in handy if you need to:

  • Find out the difference between you and your competitors’ target audiences;
  • Expand your marketing funnel;
  • Search for new insights for a clearer understanding of your target audience;
  • Analyze the audience of advertising placements.

Check the report here!

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