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Round-the-clock social content across all social networks

A 24/7 social media presence is an absolute must for a modern brand, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit there and click the ‘post’ button all day long. With the Social Media Poster, you will be able to plan and schedule your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn posts weeks in advance, and the tool will post them for you when the time comes. You can also save posts as drafts and use these later to fill in the gaps in your editorial calendar.



Analyze your social performance

From now on, there’s no need for you to check your upvotes and shares every single minute - our Social Media Tracker will do it for you and compile all the vital engagement metrics into one easy-to-read table. Instead, focus on what’s really important for your social media strategy!


Tweak your campaigns based on benchmarking data

Learn more about your target audience by analyzing your closest competitors' top-performing content. Find the right tone of voice and the best time for posting.


Use the Twitter Mentioners report to be the first to reply when your or your rival’s brand is mentioned on social and reach out to industry influencers.



Analyze your social performance

Found a Facebook post that performs better than others? Well, try getting more out of it! With the tool’s boosting option, you can create a promotional campaign in just a few clicks.