Create an effective video ad campaign

Video content is rapidly conquering the Web and already accounts for more than half of all consumer traffic. Getting a clear picture of the fast-expanding video advertising market is becoming a complicated task. The new SEMrush Video Advertising tool is the first analytical feature designed specifically for collecting and analyzing data on YouTube in-stream video advertisements and channels, giving you the unique ability to not only keep up with the fast-paced video ads market, but to always stay one step ahead of the game.


Curious to know how it works? First, we collect data on leading YouTube channels and videos. Then we search for in-stream video ads (pre-rolls and post-rolls) displayed in those videos. And finally, we get a list of advertisers’ landing-page and video-ad placements from the data we collected.

Wondering how you can benefit from this information? The video advertising market is a risky yet rewarding competition, and SEMrush is your tool to win it. Find out who your competitors are and learn what they’re up to by studying their video ads campaign (for example - Toyota's video ad campaign).

But don’t stop there! Learn from their experience, analyze their data and create a killer video ad!

SEMrush can also help you find the best placement for your video ads by providing a wealth of information on the most successful and popular YouTube videos and channels.


Uncover your competitors' video ad strategies

Although promotional video ads can yield significant rewards, the risks are also much higher than when dealing with traditional ads. Making and promoting a video ad your potential prospects are not interested in could burn a hole in your budget.

That’s where SEMrush comes in.

SEMrush gives you a detailed summary of your competitors’ in-stream video ads, including pre- and post-rolls. For instance, in only a few clicks you can get an overview of all video ads that your competition is running.

You can also see which landing pages those ads lead to, and which YouTube channels and videos they’re placing video ads on. Where it gets even more interesting - the SEMrush Video Research feature provides you with vital data on how successful your competitors’ video ad campaigns are. Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from your competitors’ success?


Discover top advertisers

Whether you are developing your own ad network or looking for advertisers for your video content, the timing couldn’t be better! The new Video Advertisers report will give you a complete list of advertisers that run video ads on YouTube.


As always, the list is fully adjustable, so, for example you can sort it to either find advertisers with the most viewed ads or spot new players in the video ad business by the date their ads appear.

You can then get a detailed overview of a particular advertiser to learn which video ads they use in their campaigns, view their landing pages, study the channels and videos they use for placing their ads, and use the summary data to see how successful their campaign is.


Learn how to make money with your videos

It is no big secret that a properly managed YouTube channel can return a good profit, but only a few of the many people who try this line of business succeed. Why? Because the competition out there is great. And if you want to win your share of video ad revenue, SEMrush will show you how.


Here are the steps we recommend you to start with:

  • Find potential advertisers. What kind of content is most appealing to them? How can you attract their attention?
  • Keep tabs on your potential competitors. Get stats on their channels, videos and ad placement. Improve on their success and learn from their mistakes, not yours;
  • Research the video ads market. What’s the best slice of the pie out there? SEMrush will help you complete a thorough investigation of top advertisers and learn exactly what kind of content is promised to return the best profits.


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