Forrester Opportunity Snapshot:
A Custom Study Commissioned By SEMrush | 2018

Unify Marketing Silos To Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Purpose of the research
In 2018, SEMrush commissioned Forrester consulting to explore how organizations are using their various types of marketing data across channels. Our study found that marketing teams and data sharing are heavily siloed, and marketing strategy and decisions can suffer as a result of this lack of data sharing.
When communication between channels and among data sources is increased, organizations can expect improved brand image, increased customer satisfaction, and a higher ROI.
Sample graph
«How effective is your company at applying the following types of channel data to support its marketing strategy and decisions?»
Very effective
Search-engine optimization data (SEO)
PR data
Advertising data (i.e. display, traditional, mobile app ads, etc.)
Pay-per-click advertising data (PPC)
Social media marketing data (SMM)
Base: 171 marketing/SEO data decision makers
Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SEMrush, 2018
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