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Keyword Manager Manual

The Keyword Manager (available only with a paid subscription) provides a deeper analysis of up to 1,000 keywords at a time. You can use it to refresh metrics in real-time to see if any SERP Features or top competitors for a keyword have changed since SEMrush’s last update.

Adding Keywords
Updating Metrics
Sending Keywords to Other Tools
Search History

Adding Keywords

Keywords can be analyzed in the Keyword Manager in three ways:

  1. From the Keyword Magic Tool main table
  2. Imported manually
  3. Import from Organic Research

Keyword Manager image 1

To add keywords from Keyword Magic Tool to the Keyword Manager, click on the checkbox next to the individual keyword and select the blue “Add to Keyword Manager” button.

Keyword Manager image 2

To add keywords manually, locate the blue “Import” button at the top right of the Keyword Analyzer screen (see below). The next window will allow you to add up to 1000 keywords to the Keyword Manager (add one keyword per line).

Keyword Manager image 3

This process is the same for your keywords in Organic Research, simply click on the add to keyword manager button in your Organic Research Reports.

By adding your own keywords to this tool, you can gather real-time metrics on the competitive nature of your target keywords.

With your keywords in the Keyword Manager you can analyze their:

  • Volume
  • Trend
  • CPC
  • Competitive Density
  • Keyword Difficulty %
  • SERP Features
  • Click Potential
  • Top Competitors
  • Last Changes (Last Update)

Updating Metrics

Top Competitors and Click Potential will be listed only after clicking on the Update Metrics button. Once clicked, you will be able to see the list of snippets that are in the top 10 results on the SERP for the keyword at that given time. The Update Metrics button allows you to refresh the metrics on any individual keyword in real time.

Keyword Manager image 4

Please note: Users are limited depending on their subscription level.

Keyword Manager (Refresh Keywords per month)

Free - n/a

Pro - 250

Guru - 1000

Business - 5000

Sending Keywords to Other Tools

The Keyword Manager also gives you the ability to send certain keywords to your Position Tracking and PPC Keyword Tool campaigns set up in your Projects. Once you are in the Keyword Manager, you will see a tab in the top right labeled “Send to other tools.”

Keyword Manager image 5

After clicking on this button, you will be able to choose if you want to send all of your keywords to Position Tracking or the PPC Keyword Tool, or if you want to just send a selected number of keywords. In order for you to do this, you must first have a Position Tracking or PPC Keyword Tool campaign already set up.

Search History

Search history is how the Keyword Magic Tool keeps a history of your keyword research. (Up until January 2020, these were saved and labelled as your “Lists.”) 

When you enter your first seed keyword in the Keyword Magic Tool, it will be saved into your search history with the other seed keywords you have queried. This lets you go back at any time to reference keyword research you started in the past. 

Keyword Manager image 6

When viewing your Keyword Manager, you will see your search history categorized in lists. These lists will let you analyze those specific keywords in your Keyword Manager.