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Content Marketplace Premium Subscription

Content Marketplace Premium Subscription

If you are looking to request a frequent amount of content from the Content Marketplace, it may be in your best interest to subscribe to our premium subscription level. This plan gives you more control over your orders and allows you to get orders done faster. 

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This service differs from the free account in the following limits and features and is available at $40/month

Unlimited revisions - Request an unlimited amount of revisions to your title, meta description, and article content so you can ensure you’re getting the content that is just right. With the free version, you’re limited to only 3 revisions per order. 

Favorite writers  - If you have worked with certain writers in the past that you liked, you can create a list of these writers to work with for your future content.

Projects - Group your orders and templates according to the topic, campaign or client. This helps when you are working with several pieces of content that can be categorized together.

Team collaboration - Invite your colleagues and clients to collaborate on your orders in one workspace.

White label approval links - You can share an article with any colleagues or clients via a white-label link so that they can review the content directly. This lets you share content without revealing Semrush as your source. 

Brief templates - Create custom template briefs so that you can quickly access them in the future. If you are constantly producing the same types of content, this can be a huge time saver. 

Express order - One time a month, you can request an express order which will get you your content twice as fast. With an express order you can expect to receive your title within one business day and your article within three business days. 

Marketplace premium subscription