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How to Keep Your Semrush Team on the Same Page

How to Keep Your Semrush Team on the Same Page


If you work with a team of people using Semrush - at an agency, in house, or a mix of both, here’s how to keep people on the same page and avoid doing double-work. 

In the various tools and reports in Semrush, there are ways to share your research and work within a team. This can be done by following the steps below and it will allow collaboration to be transparent and open within a large team.

  1. Add users to your account and manage their permissions
  2. Share your projects with everyone as collaborators
  3. Share a Marketing Calendar
  4. Build client management workflows
  5. Share your reporting templates

Adding users to an account allows for everyone on your team to use Semrush simultaneously. If you’re serious about using Semrush in a large team, this is the best way to maximize its functionality. Add your users from the Subscription Info section of your profile and manage their limits manually from User Management

To allocate the limits on each “minion” account under your main account, go to your Profile - User Managementand click on the settings gear next to a user to allocate their limits. 

From here you can also set each user as an Admin or a User. 

Admins are users that have the ability to distribute subscription units across the other users on an account. A user can be appointed as an admin by the account owner to gain more managerial abilities. When you become an admin of a corporate account, you can:

  • Add and remove users 
  • Edit allocated units 
  • View a list of projects and change project owners 
  • View a list of queries made by users
  • View a list of changes made to the corporate account

Share Projects

The best way to share research on Semrush is with a shared Project. One Project can contain a campaign of each Project tool (Site Audit, Position Tracking, Brand Monitoring, Backlink Audit, etc). 

To share a Project, first create it and then from the Project dashboard find the share button. Then, enter all of the email addresses associated with the Semrush accounts that your collaborators are using. 

This will allow everyone to see your website’s top issues to resolve (Site Audit), SEO actions to take for improvement (On Page SEO Checker) and changes in the website’s positioning (Position Tracking) for example. 

This tool will come in handy especially if you’re running campaigns in PR or social media and need to plan release dates and events ahead of time. Adding collaborators to a Marketing Calendar is easy, and anyone on your team with an Semrush account can create a campaign and add activities and dates to the calendar. 

Even if you don’t have an Semrush account, you can view a calendar that is shared with you via email or link. 

Build Client Management Workflows

Client Manager allows you to set tasks within each client card to ease your team’s routines. 

Each task has a priority, type, status, and time estimation, and the link to the Semrush tool that can help fulfill it. 

To do this, go to the ‘Tasks’ tab, click ‘Create new task’, and enter all the required information.

How to Keep Your Semrush Team on the Same Page image 5

The tasks section can be searched by any of the given parameters to let you quickly find high priority or due soon tasks, etc. 

Please note: this feature is available only to Semrush users with a paid subscription, and the templates can be shared with paid users only.

Semrush’s PDF report builder is called My Reports and this tool lets you build your own PDF deliverables from scratch, preset templates, or user-generated templates. If you work within a team and want, for example, everyone in your agency to use the same report template for SEO clients after their first month, you can share that template with everyone on your team via the My Templates tab of the My Reports tool.

This way, your teamwork will be in line and the reporting coming from your agency will be uniform. 

If you work within a digital marketing team, dividing and conquering the work can make all the difference in bringing together a winning campaign quickly. 

This is especially helpful when you want to be transparent with clients; keeping everyone on the same page about the current metrics you have and the target numbers you want to hit will ensure that you are satisfied when you finally hit your goals. 

These steps will set up your team with shared data (so you can all agree on and watch your progress towards goals), a shared calendar with important dates of deadlines and campaigns to be on the same page, and uniform reports to keep your branding tight. 

Tight communication and sharing of insights will also help you can scale faster as you have your processes in place and everyone knows what area to specialize in. 

  • How to Keep Your Semrush Team on the Same Page
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