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Market Explorer Benchmarking Report


The Benchmarking Report in Market Explorer is the perfect place to see how domains are stacking up to one another. Here you are able to compare up to 5 different domains within several different metrics.

Just like in the Overview report, you are able to switch between the industry competitors view and your custom market list. 

Market Explorer Benchmarking Report image 1

Once you decide which competitors you want to analyze, select up to 5 of the domains to benchmark.

The Market Traffic vs Selected Domains Trends widget will present the Total, Direct, Referral, Search, Social, and Paid traffic trends. Click on any of these metrics to show how the domains compare.

This can be a good way for you to uncover some of your competitors' different strategies, as well as compare a companies’ trends with the overall market traffic trend.

You can export this data into a PNG file to further analyze. 

Just below the Market Traffic widget, you can find the breakdown of traffic by Traffic Generation and Social Media Strategy.

Market Explorer Benchmarking Report image 2

The Traffic Generation Strategy widget represents a breakdown of traffic by acquisition channels. Take a look at the market to help determine through which channels all the analyzed companies attract traffic on average.

Meanwhile, you can use the Social Media Distribution Strategy widget, to reveal which social networks your competitors focus on the most.

Just below here you will find the Market vs Selected Domains: Audience by Age widget. Along with this you also have Market vs Selected Domains: Gender widget.

The Audience Age widget will break down each age demographic into a percentage. This will give you a better understanding of the age of your audience. Similarly the Gender widget breaks down each selected domain by the split between female and male audience. 

Market Explorer Benchmarking Report image 3

Just like the other widgets, you are able to export this data to a PNG file.

Finally, you will see the Market Share by Channel table which ranks competitors by Total Traffic share. 

Direct your attention to the sections highlighted in green — these are market leaders by the amount of traffic from various traffic sources. 

Knowing the leaders of your market for various traffic sources, you can dive into deeper analysis using the appropriate tools to understand their specific winning tactics.

Market Share by Channel can be exported in a CSV.

Market Explorer Benchmarking Report image 4


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