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How does ImpactHero affect a sites performance and how safe is it to use it?
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How does ImpactHero affect a sites performance and how safe is it to use it?


Impact on the website’s performance

We take the performance and impact our tools have on your website very seriously. With that stated, we do our best to make sure we minimize any impact on our users' sites. 

According to our measurements, the ImpactHero tracking code has a trivial impact on pages display performance by implementing different mechanisms:

  1. The downloaded script is only 33KB, allowing the download to be fast even with a poor internet connection. 
  2. The tag is cached in the user’s browser for 2 hours. That allows it to not load every time a page displays.
  3. We use CDN networks to deliver our ImpactHero tag from the closest user location.
  4. Other resources are not blocked by ImpactHero tag's loading because we use asynchronous loading.


SEMrush is committed to the security and data privacy of its clients and their end-users. We invest extensive resources towards maintaining the highest level of data protection, privacy, and security standards.

You can find more detailed information about our security standards here

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