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Listing Management: Peculiarities of Working with Canadian Locations

Listing Management: Peculiarities of Working with Canadian Locations

The Listing Management tool allows working with Canadian locations (created in collaboration with Uberall). However, the work pattern with Canadian businesses is arranged in a slightly different way to other available locations.

Location connection

From August 2021, you can connect a Canadian location and synchronize the related data in more than 50 popular Canadian directories. The workflow is the same as with other countries: you search for a required business, analyze the report on current online visibility, and then connect the business to Listing Management. 

Once this is done, the tool starts to provide relevant and consistent analyzed data across all of the connected locations. 

Data check on a connected location

In addition to a regular location check, we run a manual double-check of business data. If we detect any errors or lack of data, we will send a notification. 

Examples of possible errors:

  • Address is not complete
  • Location is closed 
  • Non-Latin character address

Editing a location’s data

Once your location is connected, you can edit the data to have it uniformly displayed in listings across all connected directories. To do so, enter the required location and hit Edit info.

You can edit a brand name, city, province, payment methods, map marker, and other data. You are able to sync your business data with location profiles in Google Business Profile and Facebook. As well as add Google Business Profile attributes to your location.

Automated work with duplicates

When working with Canadian businesses, we apply a new duplicate processing algorithm. Listing Management will automatically find duplicates of your locations across all connected directories – no action is required from your side.

The system not only automatically detects duplicates, but also suppresses them. Use the Duplicates tab to keep track of the progress. 


As the name suggests, this feature allows you to monitor reviews and ratings from different sources for your locations. Collect all of your reviews and respond to them directly from the Semrush interface. The faster you respond to reviews, the better it is for your business average ratings.

Response to reviews is available for:

  • Facebook
  • Google Business Profile
  • iGlobal
  • infoisinfo
  • Judy’s Book
  • Where To?


Heatmap will provide you with accurate information on how your business performs on a local level and how easily your potential clients can find it. Track up to 5 keywords on a hyper-local level, with your rankings displayed in a heatmap around your target area.

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