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Market Explorer Demographics Report

Available exclusively to .Trends users, the Demographics report analyzes the audience in your industry, providing you with actionable insights into who you (and your competitors!) are marketing to, and how they behave online. 

How Can the Demographics Report Help Me?

The Demographics report is designed to help you understand the audience of the analyzed market, whether they interact primarily with you, or with the competition. It can tell you: 

  • The sex and age distribution of your target audience
  • The most popular social media platforms used by the analyzed market audience
  • The key interests of your target audience based on the types of websites they visit

With this data, you can tailor your content, advertising, and social media strategies, and build more effective relationships with your audience. 

Using the Demographics report

As you use the Demographics report, keep in mind that it breaks down audience demographics based on the specific industry or custom market you’re analyzing. As a result, if you view a different custom market report, or change the country or period being examined, demographics insights displayed here will change accordingly.

Age and Sex 

As the name implies, the Age and Sex widget shows you the distribution of your audience’s reported age and sex. This is displayed in a bar graph. The horizontal axis indicates the age segments of your audience. Sex is broken within each age bracket by color. The vertical axis tells you what percentage of your audience falls into each of these categories.

If you want to view the age breakdown of only one sex, deselect the one you don’t want to see using the checkboxes at the top of the widget.

If you need to view the specific breakdown of any segment, place your cursor over the one you’re interested in and a window will appear. 

Social Media Preferences

The Social Media Preferences widget is directly to the right of the Age and Sex widget. It contains a pie chart segmenting the most popular social media platforms used by the chosen market’s audience. 

Market Explorer social media preferences

You can adjust this view by deselecting any social media platform you’re not interested in seeing.

To see more details about a specific segment on the pie chart, place your cursor over that section and a window will appear.

Market Explorer social media preferences chart

Audience Interests

Located beneath Age and Sex and Social Media Preferences, the Audience Interests widget breaks down the top five key interests of your market audience, based on the categories of domains visited. This widget excludes any domains related to your market. 

Market Explorer Audience interests

The horizontal axis indicates the category of interest, and the vertical axis represents the percentage of your audience with interests in that category.