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SERP Features: Video Results

SERP Features: Video Results

Video results are organic search results with a video thumbnail next to the description of a search result. Note: these results are not the same as featured videos or video carousels, and Semrush collects data about them differently.

Here’s what video results might look like on desktop results:

Video results SERP feature on desktop devices

And on a mobile device:

Video results on mobile devices

Note: these results are not the same as video carousels and featured videos. Since those SERP features have different characteristics, we collect data about them differently. 

How to Get Your Videos to Appear with Your Organic Search Results

You can help get your videos to appear in Google’s organic results in a couple of ways. Each of these steps will help optimize your videos for search.

  • Use the VideoObject schema markup to help your videos appear in Google search results, featured videos, and more. 
  • Implement video SEO best practices like creating an engaging thumbnail, using a relevant title, description, and tags, and uploading your transcript
  • Follow the advice from Google Search Console to add markups to your videos to indicate key moments, add a LIVE badge, and mark the video as a home activity or learning activity. 

If you follow those steps, you will be giving your videos the best chance to be found on Google.

How Semrush Collects Data about Video Results

  • When we scan a keyword’s SERP, we identify whether or not videos are present beside an organic listing anywhere on the results page. 
  • If videos are present on the results page but the queried domain doesn’t have this feature beside its result, its icon will appear gray in the SF column.
  • If videos are present as a part of the queried domain’s organic search result, its icon will appear blue beside the number in the Position column.

You can see if a specific YouTube video ranks for this SERP feature by first entering the video’s URL into Organic Research. Then, just change the "root domain" filter by the search bar to "exact URL."

To learn more about this SERP feature and others, read our SERP Features Guide.

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