How do I understand the Organic Positions report? Question

At the top of every Organic Position report are three main numbers: keywords, traffic and traffic cost. The keywords represent how many keywords we found this domain ranking for through the Top 100 organic results. In the screenshot below, we see that ranks for 22.2 million keywords that are in the Top 100 results in Google's search result pages.

How do I understand the Organic Positions report? image 1

The traffic number represents a monthly average of how much traffic this domain will receive next month based on all of their Organic positions. This number is based on the current trend we have the domain ranking for keywords as well as the past information we have for this domain. With these two parameters, we have come up with a proprietary algorithm that generates an expected monthly average for traffic. In this example, is expected to receive 92.8 million visitors based on the amount of keywords we have them ranking for.

The traffic cost is an estimation of how much the domain would have to pay, on average per month, if it wanted to rank for all of these keywords using AdWords PPC ads. ranks for such a high number of keywords, so it would cost about $100 million per month to acquire the same traffic using AdWords ads. 

There are many other functions in this report, such as analyzing SERP features, mobile keywords (US Database) and applying multiple filters. For a complete walkthrough, please refer to the User Manual for this report.

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