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What are Lists in the Keyword Magic Tool?

What are Lists in the Keyword Magic Tool? Question

Lists are a way of saving all of your past keyword research in the SEMrush interface. After you’ve used the Keyword Magic Tool at least once on your account, you’ll see your lists as the start page when you open the tool. From here, it’s easy to jump right back in where you left off when you started your research. You can edit, rename, or delete your lists. You can also jump straight to a list’s Keyword Analyzer with the “Go to KA” button.


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One list can consist of up to 7 seed keywords at the same time, and each list has its own limit of 1000 keywords that are able to be sent to the Keyword Analyzer.

Since each list can be used to study up to 7 seed keywords and analyze 1000 keywords in the Keyword Analyzer, you should organize your lists by different topics or campaigns you’re running.

For example, an SEO manager at an agency with multiple clients could use a different list for conducting their keyword research for each client website. Then, they could use the Keyword Analyzer to get deeper metrics and export the set of keywords for each client separately.

Please note: Paid users have the ability to store up to 50 lists. Free users can store 1 list.


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