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What’s the difference between users and sessions?

What’s the difference between users and sessions? Question


A user is a SEMrush login and password with its own dashboard and projects. You can add additional users to an account (Pro, Guru or Business) to allow people with separate credentials to access your product. All users under your subscription will share the limits of the parent account. The benefit of adding users rather than sessions is that the parent account controls the distribution of their subscription limits across the various users added. Accounts with multiple users is common among larger business accounts.

For example, a large search marketing company could add multiple users to a single Business subscription. The company could give one user all of your keyword tracking limits, another user all of the social profile limits, and split the Site Audit page crawl limits between the two.

How you manage the limits is up to the parent account. This can all be done from the Manage accounts page. From the Profile menu, select Manage accounts and you’ll see options to invite users or manage the limits of the users under your account.


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Send an invite to an email associated with an active SEMrush account (which can be a free account). Once the invite is sent, the second account will have to accept the invitation to be added as a user to the parent account. If a user is invited to a Business account and has a current subscription, the product on their account would be replaced with a Business product.

To share project data between users, you will need to use the project sharing feature on a per-project basis.


Sessions can also be added to an account and allow multiple people to simultaneously log in to a single account at the same time. This prevents people that share a single SEMrush log in from kicking each other out of the software if they’re trying to access the user interface at the same time. These multiple sessions will all share the same login, subscription limits, projects, dashboard, My Reports, and data.

Multiple sessions share the limits of the subscription, meaning there is no ability to customize the distribution of limits across a number of sessions. To add sessions to your account, reach out to us at +1-855-814-4510 or [email protected]