What's the Ads History report? (Domain Analytics) Question

There are two reports titled "Ads History" in SEMrush. One for Domain Analytics (Advertising Research) and one for Keyword Analytics. This article is about the Domain Analytics Ads History report. Click here for information about the Keyword Analytics Ads HIstory report.

The Domain Analytics Ads History report shows every keyword the domain queried has been ranked for in Google's paid results in the past 12 months, and what their position was. If you click on the box, you can view the ad as it appeared.

What's the Ads History report? (Domain Analytics) image 1

This report is a great way to determine which ads worked well for a domain and which ones didn't. When researching your PPC competitors, this report will give you tons of insight. You'll be able to see which ads they ran the longest, and which ads ranked well for the most amount of time.


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