Where is My Content Being Endorsed? Manual

The SEMrush Content Analyzer can be used to determine what backlinks are pointing to your individual pieces of content. This is an important step in building up your SEO because you are able to see which sites are interacting and endorsing the content on your site.

Understanding Where Your Content is Endorsed

Looking at your overall profile isn’t going to give you information on individual content so it can be difficult to see exactly who is providing links to your articles.

Let’s say you run an electronic store and are launching a new blog post on an exclusive deal for discounted TVs. Naturally, you’re going to want to measure the quality of this blog post and one of the ways you can do that is by entering the post’s URL into the Content Analyzer. Here you will be able to see the quality of your post. Quality within the Content Analyzer is determined by the number of social shares, the number of backlinks and how many keywords for the URL is ranking for in Google’s top 100.

You may be wondering why is it so important to know where your content is being endorsed by another third-party site. Well by having this information you will be able to add additional pieces of content that can support your original post on that site. Knowing the sites that are linking to your new post can also let you decide what type of content you are going to roll out next.


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If your latest post on an exclusive TV you’re running a discount on is being endorsed by a number of sites with a target audience in a neighboring city, it could be beneficial to create a new post focused around that specific market. Understanding where your content is being posted can help you understand who your audience is.

Each of your articles in the Content Analyzer will be tracked daily so that you are always getting up-to-date information such as newly added links. This is beneficial because it allows you to be proactive with your future SEO strategies by taking into account newly acquired backlinks.

Without knowing who is engaging with your articles, you're not able to adjust and focus your content to what your audience is actually interested in. If you notice that the majority of the backlinks linking to your posts are coming from domains with similar audiences, it's best to shift your focus to include more content that would be engaging to them.

SEMrush will break down these backlinks even further by giving you data on both the trust score and page score for these domains. Having this information will allow you to determine not only which sites your articles are reaching but if they are high quality. If you happen to see backlinks to your content coming from a site that doesn’t have a high trust or page score you can use our Backlink Audit tool to remove these links from your articles which will help improve the overall SEO of your site. 

Comparing Your Competitors

If you’re running a campaign that is going to involve multiple blogs posts and articles, you’re going to want to be able to easily access the data for all of the posts. Grouping your URLs together based on your internal strategies allows you to access all of the information for your content in one single report. You won’t have to jump around from report to report just to see how each of your articles is performing.

You can use groups to compare all of your competitor's articles to see not only how they are performing against you, but also see who is winning your market. You may see that one of your competitors is doing extremely well in social shares compared to everyone else. This could mean that you may need to shift how you’re promoting your articles on social media websites.


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Grouping your URLs by campaign can help you understand which campaigns are having the most success when it comes to the actual content you’re producing. You can create up to 5 different groups consisting of 10 URLs for a total of 50 articles per project.
For more information about the benefits of the Content Analyzer, check out our article on Guest Posting.


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