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Traffic Rank Manual

The Traffic Rank report measures the most popular websites within our database based on the number of users visiting their sites. The metrics measured in this report are Visits, Pages/Visit, Global Rank and Traffic Source.

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Traffic Sources are broken down into 4 sets: 

  • Direct Traffic - website visits acquired from users that are directly going to your site without going through a third party. For example, someone directly typing in your URL into their search bar would be considered a Direct Traffic source. Traffic from search engines are not considered to be Direct Traffic.
  • Referral Traffic - website visits that came to your site from a hyperlink or source outside of a search engine. This traffic can be grown through your link building efforts.
  • Social Traffic - website visits coming from any social media platforms.
  • Search Traffic -  website visits that come to your site directly from a search engine.

This analysis can show you where your competition gets the majority of their traffic. If you notice that your top competitor is  outperforming your own domain in the Social Traffic aspect, it could be a sign that you need to put more time into improving your social media presence

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In addition to  traffic source data, the Traffic Ranks report lets you analyze the amount of Visits, Pages/Visit, and Global Rank of domains.

Traffic Rank image 3By knowing this information you will be able to tell what websites are generating the most visitors so that you can possibly target these domains when running your marketing campaigns. After you determine a website that you wish to target, you can click on the actual domain itself to be sent to the full Traffic Analytics report for that domain.

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