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Traffic Rank


The Traffic Rank report measures the most popular websites within our database based on the number of users visiting their sites. This data is sourced directly from our Traffic Analytics Tool.

The metrics measured in this report are Global Rank, Domain, Visits, Desktop Visits, Mobile Visits, Unique Visitors, Pages/Visit, Avg. Visit Duration and Bounce Rate.

Traffic Rank image 1

The desktop visits and mobile visits will be broken down into percentages so you can see how users are visiting a website. You can filter your data by month, region and device type by selecting the dropdown menus at the top of your dashboard.

Traffic Rank image 2

Analyzing this information you will be able to tell what websites are generating the most visitors so that you can possibly target these domains when running your marketing campaigns. You can save this data and use it for deeper analysis by ordering it as a custom report. After you determine a website that you wish to target, you can click on the actual domain itself to be sent to the full Traffic Analytics report for that domain.

Pitch Mode

If you are presenting the information for traffic rank, you can utilize the pitch mode in the top right corner of the dashboard. Pitch mode allows you to display just the traffic rank data on your screen.

It will block out the Semrush upper and left menus so that you are just viewing the data that you need. You can see an example of pitch mode in the screenshot below.

Traffic Rank image 3


To stay up to date with any new data or functionally within Traffic Rank report, you can sign up for push notifications. When we update this data or add functionality, we will send you a notification with info about the change. After you select the option to receive browser push notifications, your browser will ask you to allow to send you notifications. Hit “allow” from this dialog box.

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