Monitoring Your Mentions on Twitter Manual

The Twitter filter in your Brand Monitoring Mentions feed offers an easy way to follow your brand's reputation on Twitter. Brand Monitoring updates with new Twitter mentions every 30 seconds in real time so you are never left out of the loop.  

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Search by keyword, hashtag, or username

If you recently started a campaign and want to see how it is being talked about, you can search through your Twitter mentions by a specific word. Let’s say you just recently started a campaign focusing on the MacBook Pro. You can actually search your Twitter mentions by the keyword “MacBook Pro” to see all of the tweets that specifically mention MacBook Pro.

The search function can also be utilized by specific hashtags as well as by usernames. With the hashtag search, you can evaluate how trending hashtags are being received and how potential influencers are tweeting about certain brands or products. In this case since were previously searching for MacBook Pro mentions, it would be also smart to search for the company hashtag #apple.


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Not only can you search and monitor your own mentions but you can also use the Twitter mentions report to analyze trends across your entire industry if you need new campaign ideas or marketing strategies. If you notice that a certain trend is beginning to take off within your industry, it would be in your best interest to capitalize on that and create a campaign strategy that is focusing on that trend.

Blocking Twitter Profiles

If you want to block your Twitter profile's mentions from appearing in your feed, you can select "Block profile" in the box to the right of the mention.

block-twitterThere are two labeling options when blocking a Twitter profile: Irrelevant and My Profile. Either one will remove the selected Twitter profile's tweets from appearing in your campaign. Once selected this profile will now be labeled accordingly in the Resources tab.

If you're active on Twitter and don't want to have all of your own tweets crowding up your campaign feed, block your profile with this simple step. After blocking a profile, it can be found and unblocked in the Resources tab of the tool.


Next Steps

Check out the Social Media Tracker to track the Twitter and other social media profiles of your competitors.