Integration With Backlink Audit Manual

Integrate with Google Search Console and Majestic to Increase Your Scope

Since all of these backlinks are being audited to ensure that your domain does not come under penalty by Google itself, it is important to integrate your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to ensure the accuracy of your data. Once these accounts are verified with the Backlink Audit Tool you can import links directly from GSC  and GA with no further action needed.

Integration With Backlink Audit image 1

The Backlink Audit Tool also allows you to integrate with a Majestic account. By doing this you will be able to evaluate extra backlinks, get up-to-date data on your disavowed backlinks, update your disavow file with the click of a button and increase your scope of links with the help of Majestic. To find out more about connecting SEMrush with Majestic check out this article here.

Now that you have configured your Backlink Audit Tool it’s time for this tool to go to work. Let’s begin with the Audit Report.

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