How are Backlinks Updated? Question

Backlinks on SEMrush can be analyzed in two main areas: Backlink Analytics (for studying competitors) and Backlink Audit (for auditing your own links).

Backlink Analytics

Our Backlinks Analytics database is updated to show you the backlinks that our bot saw in the last 3 months of crawling the Internet. We call this our “Fresh index.”

All the backlinks data that we have gathered was by our own sources and not through third parties, making our database as accurate as possible.

Although we cannot guarantee that we can find every backlink on the Internet, the backlinks we do gather are more authoritative based on our trust signals. Our crawler is indexing constantly but the Internet is almost infinite. So, we’re more likely to crawl an authoritative domain first.

Backlink Audit

If you run a Backlink Audit campaign, we will go back 2 months from the date that you start your campaign to find all of the most recent backlinks pointing to your domain.  

If you’re analyzing a large domain, Backlink Audit commonly will show a lower number of backlinks than Backlinks Analytics does. This is because Backlink Audit will only analyze up to 500 backlinks per referring domain and also because it goes back 2 months while Backlink Analytics goes back 3 months.

So if a single referring domain is sending over 2,000 backlinks to a website, Backlink Audit would only look at the top 500 from that referring domain.

Backlink Audit does not update automatically with fresh data unless you schedule the audit to update weekly or re-run the campaign manually. The new and lost backlinks in Backlink Audit represent links that are newly discovered within the past 30 days or gone within the past 60 days.


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