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Reviewing Your Posts Manual

As you run your social campaigns you are going to want to see how your published posts are performing. This is where the Posts tab in Social Media Poster comes into play. Here you can analyze the statistics that come with each individual post and quickly see which types of content engage your audience best.

You can track analytics for both your tweets and Facebook posts (from business pages only, not personal accounts). Once a tweet or post is published it will automatically appear in this tab once your page is refreshed.

Similarly, if any tweet or post is removed from your account, SEMrush will reflect that as well -- everything is connected.

You will be able to see how many likes, retweets, and comments each post has received for comparison. These statistics will be displayed next to their respective icons in the far right of the post.

Not only will you be able to track and analyze your published posts, but under the Posts section, you can also see your scheduled posts, drafts and errors.

Published posts are already live on your social, scheduled posts are those already timed to go live in the future, drafts are already written posts but don’t have any set time to publish yet and finally, errors are posts that ran into an issue while attempting to publish.

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Filter by Hashtag

You also have the ability to filter out your posts by hashtags. This is perfect if you are looking at how specific tweets performed for a campaign.

Let’s say you just finished running a new social media campaign centered around a new product, let’s say a pair of black running shoes. If you set up a hashtag associated with all the tweets promoting these shoes, you can find these specific posts with a quick filter.

By entering the hashtag for your campaign into the search bar you will be able to filter out and analyze just the posts within that specific campaign. This same process applies to Facebook as well.

Along with filter out by hashtags, you can also sort by content type. These include photos, videos, events, and links.

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